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How We Stay Hydrated While On the Go


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School is quickly approaching an end, and as usual… my family is still on the move. I can’t lie, I’ve been making the most of these moments I have to myself lately. Getting into the gym during the day, and getting housework done without the kiddos underfoot while they’re at school, has been pretty nice. I also love that I can just hop in the car and rush off to do errands, without a care in the world.

How We Stay Hydrated While On the Go

Soon, however, the kids will be out and my days may lose a little of their productiveness, only to be replaced with the invaluable bonding time with my two favorite little people. For that, I’m excited. While the activities of my day may change dramatically once they are out of school, I know for one thing for certain that won’t… I’ll still be constantly on the go. Likely even more than now, and this time with two little ones in tow.

I know that when I have them tagging along during the day, I have to change up my schedule a bit. I also have to be sure to pack a few more snacks. Particularly during those warm summer months, I put a heavy focus on making sure that I and the kids alike are retaining enough liquids. Water is so important, and dehydration can sneak up on you unexpectedly at the most inconvenient times and places.

How We Stay Hydrated While On the Go

We are careful to avoid that by keeping lots of water on hand. I even make sure to freeze a few bottles the night before, in order to have cold water on hand all day long. Our brand of choice these days is Nestle Pure Life water. Nestle has been a trusted brand in our house for years, and their water holds true to the tradition. Not only does it taste amazingly crisp and refreshing, the price fits well into the budget too.

What’s the item you can’t leave home without during the summer?

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