How Words of Encouragement Made me a Better Mom | Johnson’s Baby Cares Cards


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for JOHNSON’s Baby.
I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Life with two children, who both have special needs, has it’s challenges. My oldest was diagnosed with a life threatening peanut and tree nut allergy and my youngest has a developmental speech delay along with sensory needs.

It’s hard to not blame myself for their problems, did I do something wrong to cause my son’s peanut allergy? Why does my daughter have a learning delay? Did I not do enough to teach her as a baby?

I put a lot of stress on my shoulders, day to day, and sometimes the only thing that breaks that stress is the caring words of others.

Johnson's Baby Cares

Many of our friends and family try so hard to understand the differences that my children have. Even outsiders who meet my children for the first time and wonder why my almost 3 year old can’t talk to them. It’s hard to explain things and often times I will hear the response “Oh that sounds like a typical toddler behavior, she will outgrow it”, those words make me sad inside because though I know they want to understand… they really don’t. I just nod my head and move on..

This picture is of Andrea and one of her therapist. Her therapists are my rock, they understand how hard things are. Every day is different and reading Andrea is not like a text book, it’s a slow process to figure out how to bring language and communication into this little girl’s life.

Every once in a while they will send me a text message to tell me how awesome of a job I’m doing with Andrea. I even got one that told me “Happy Mothers Day to an awesome mama”. Little words like that make my day, they make me stop and take a deep breathe, they tell me that I’m doing okay as a mommy and everything will be okay. From mom to mom, that support is simply priceless.


As a mom, to all of you other moms reading this, I encourage you to check out the Johnson’s Baby Care program.

Visit and create a simple card for another mother, offering words of encouragement to let them know that they are doing a great job.

A gesture as simple as a card will make another Mother’s day.. wouldn’t it make you feel a little warmer inside to receive such a nice thought in your email? Sometime’s the unexpected makes the biggest impact.


The JOHNSON’s Baby Cares was launched as a charitable program in 2012, in conjunction with Save the Children.

Johnson’s believes that every baby should have a healthy and happy start to life and every new mom deserves access to resources to help ensure their babies thrive.

The Johnson’s Baby Cares program was partnered with Save the Children to not only build a strong foundation for babies, but to deliver social support and encouragement along the way. This year, Johnson’s Baby Cares spokesmom, Hilary Duff, joined the effort to help raise awareness for the Johnson’s Baby Cares program. Last month, she visited an Early Steps facility in Yucca Valley, CA, where she met with families from the program and created her own physical Johnson’s Baby Care Cards to offer personal messages of encouragement to families supported by Save the Children.

Think about that mommy on Facebook who is having such a rough day, or your single mommy friend who is trying to balance it all.

There is a mommy out there who would love to receive a Johnson’s Baby Cares Card for a little bit of encouragement

For every card that is sent, JOHNSON’S Baby will donate $1.00 to Save the Children, up to $150,000 to benefit early childhood education.


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