How to Travel with the Kiddos | Tips & Tricks


The kids are getting to an age where I would like them to experience more of the outside world. I want them to be exposed to different cultures and see people in different settings so that they may gain a more worldly and accepting view. After discussing this with my husband, we decided that our New Year’s resolution for our children would be to travel more.

While traveling with kids may sound good in theory, it can be a total nightmare if you don’t plan ahead. As soon as we decided to travel with our kids I applied for a no foreign transaction fee credit card, as I knew I needed to be fully prepared when going abroad with kiddos. As much as we may love them, kids are ultimately unpredictable and you don’t always know when the next hunger attack or tantrum may be thrown. Just like the rest of us, they wake up in a bad mood from time to time. Unlike the rest of us, they generally don’t have the acquired coping mechanisms needed to deal with it and move on.

To make traveling with your kids easier, consider using some of the following pieces of advice the next time you choose to travel:

Pack Snacks

Kids can get hungry on a whim, and when traveling, finding great nutritious snacks isn’t always an easy. To make life easier for you, be sure to pack snacks for the long car ride or the wait in the airport.

Bring Boredom Busters

If you know that you will have to keep your kids sedentary for a bit, whether it be in the car or while waiting for your plane, you need to bring some easy to carry toys for them to occupy themselves. If they are old enough, consider crosswords and books – or even a mobile device with gaming capabilities if you own one. If they are still young, keep a rolling list of ways you can interact with them to keep them occupied.

Plan for Stops Along the Way

If you’ve got kids, you know that they can’t stay put for too long. If you are planning on embarking on a long road trip make sure to bring that credit card 5 cash back so that you can stop at local amusement parks, zoos, and museums along the way. These stops will let your kids blow off some steam, keep them tamer in the car, and will be sure to create a few great memories.

Traveling with kids is a highly rewarding experience, but it is by no means easy. If you want to successfully travel with your tots, you need to not only be prepared, but also be prepared to throw out your own agenda. Forcing an agenda on kids will only make your trip more stressed, and keep you rushing along only to miss out on some otherwise great memories.


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