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Leaving my house with two children has become quite the chore. Shopping in the stores, brings the moans and groans of “Are we done yet?”. Eating out, well it’s just not happening unless we go to a buffet style place and my children don’t have to wait for their food.

Sadly, and I admit it.. I’m one of those mom’s who pawn the iPad or Smart Phone off on my children while we are out and about, mainly because I need “Just.One.More.Minute”.

The Mobigo 2 from Vtech just came out and we were anxious to give it a go. While I’m not a mom who let’s my kids play video games all of the time at home, I am a mom who is all for those perfect briberies to help me get my much needed errands ran.

boy with game system

The Mobigo 2 comes both in Pink for girls and Purple/orange for either boys or girls, Andrew was totally excited about the colors!

The Mobigo 2 Features:

  • Touch screen play, along with a motion sensor and microphone
  • Added keyboard for extra ways to play
  • Comes with built in games, along with downloadable apps such as coloring books, e-books, art studio, photo albums and much more
  • Perfect for children ages 3-8

The Mobigo 2 comes preloaded with great apps, which makes it perfect for quick play! I was pleasantly pleased to see that 3 free game downloads were also included. We installed the included software and quickly selected the 3 games of Andrew’s choice. The set up was so easy and frustration free, something many electronic toys lack these days.

Andrew is 4 years old, about to turn 5, and he picked up the Mobigo 2 like he had been playing it his entire life. He tells me the slide out keyboard is awesome and the coloring books are so fun!

Initially, I was a little worried that Andrew wouldn’t like the Mobigo 2 after playing with the iPad for so long. The graphics, and types of games available are definitely not what you would get in something like the iPad. However, the Mobigo 2 is SO much easier to take out and about.

I’m no longer worried about the kids dropping my phone out of the cart to break on the floor. And the best bonus of all. My son is learning so much more from the Mobigo 2, the slide out keyboard is getting him acquainted with the computer keyboard, the photo viewer is awesome because I no longer have to worry about my kids deleting photos from my phone, and the special effects from the microphone bring a new level of fun to their little world.

Andrew has been taking the Mobigo 2 with us everywhere in the car and it has been great fun and a time passer for when this Mommy needs to run a few errands. 

There are 80 other available apps for download at the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator™ at While there, join Club VTech for added discounts.

To learn more about the Mobigo 2 and to find a store near you visit the VTech website!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.


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