How to Save Money on Holiday Gift Giving



Birthday parties and holiday gift giving can really put a strain on your budget, specially if your family is dealing with hard financial times.

Every year, my family tries to save what we can on gift giving by using coupons and online discounts.

The men in my family love Christmas gifts like tools so I always try and look around for big discounts for Sears. And of course the kids all want toys so I’m always on the look out for exclusive coupons for Toys R Us.

While we might not be able to find coupons for all of our gifts, there are other ways to save money.

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of my most favorite times of year to find great deals. Cyber Monday is becoming a close second. Combined with coupons and online discounts, you can often find a great deal on many of your gifts.

Coupon and Deal Websites

Some of you aren’t so excited to deal with the crowds at Black Friday and that’s okay! There are great coupon and deal websites out there to help you save a little money. I sign up for emails from a lot of deal websites and purchase gifts throughout the year to save money where I can.

Price Matching

Say you find an item at one store, on sale and the price is great! But you have a coupon for another store and would rather shop there instead. Check with the store you want to shop at and see if they offer Price matching. If they will accept the competitors pricing you will not only snag the great sale price at the store you want, you will achieve greater savings with your coupon!

There are a lot of great ways to save money when purchasing gifts for other people. Just remember to always shop for the best deal and when you can, use a coupon.

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