How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu #HealthierHome


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The cold weather has hit the Midwest full force, and we’re doing our very best to stay warm. If you happen to be a reader that lives in a warm and comfortable climate this time of year… please know… I am extremely jealous!

Winter lovers everywhere are probably sighing at this post already, and my general negative overtone for the season. Sure, there are LOTS of awesome things about winter! Cuddling up by the fire… bundling up to go sledding with the kids or build a snowman… even watching movies as a family and drinking hot cocoa.

The thing is, none of that is going on in my house at the moment.

Why, you ask?

Because with winter, comes cold and flu season and my little guy is down for the count! Poor kid has missed multiple days of school, and is feeling pretty crummy. My Facebook newsfeed lets me know that I am not alone. Many of my friends are experiencing the same with their children, and I want to stress how important it is to prepare!

While it’s not practical to believe that colds and the flu can be completely avoided with the use of good home health habits, they sure don’t hurt!

Here are a few tips:

Disinfect – This is a great time of year to go through your home and disinfect everything you can get your hands on. Toys, keyboards, and door handles are things that sometimes get overlooked throughout this process.

How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu #HealthierHome

Change Filters – You should be sure to change your air filters out regularly (at least every 3 months). Changing your Filtrete Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter (MPR 1900) will also help to keep your system running efficiently. A dirty filter can slow down the airflow, which makes your system work much harder than it needs to.

How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu #HealthierHome

Stock Up On Hand Sanitizer and Tissues – It’s great to have these on hand for the winter sniffles. Keep them in a convenient and easy to reach place for your children. Most parents know that if children can not find tissue easily, it’s highly likely they will resort to other materials (namely the back of their hand) to swipe away a few drips from their nose. Encourage sanitizing their hands any time they blow their nose.

How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu #HealthierHome

Seal Windows and Door Cracks – Cool air blowing in from these places is a quick way to catch a cold! Be sure to check all of them in your home for breezes.

Dress For The Weather – Be sure you are stocked up with extra hats and gloves as children seem to run through these quite often. There’s nothing worse than realizing they’ve lost their hat or gloves at the exact moment the school bus pulls up!

How to Prepare for the Cold and Flu #HealthierHome

Last, but not least, prepare for illness before it hits. While you can do all of these things to prepare for cold and flu season, if it hits your home; you need to be ready. Grab some cold and flu medicine, throat lozenges and some tea packets and keep them in your medicine cabinet so you’ll have them handy if need be.

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