How to Move With Kids | The Ultimate Pre Move Checklist


Moving into a new home with kids can be a difficult task. Imagine how scary it is for a child to leave their home, friends and school, these places that they have known their whole lives.

Before the big moving day comes, help to ease the transition and take some time to plan. I’ve partnered with Coleman Allied to share the Ultimate Pre-Move Checklist. With these tips on how to move with kids, you can help everyone in the family have a better experience while preparing them for a new home.moving checklist

Breaking the News

When moving plans are confirmed, it is best to tell your children and not draw it out. By giving them advance notice of the upcoming move, there will be plenty of time to say farewell to their friends.

Children’s School & Activities

Before the move, check into your child’s schooling and activity options. Contact the school and request a tour, this will help your child get used to the idea of changing schools and let them see where they will be going.

If your child is involved with extra activities, such as swimming, girl scouts, gymnastics or even dance, be sure to see what is available at your new residence. Most places have a limited number of enrollments so the sooner the better.

Get Them Involved

Make moving into a new home fun! Give your child a tour of their new bedroom, or even show them a picture of what it will look like. Maybe you can even offer a new bedroom makeover, let them pick out some new wall color and get the painting done before the moving day.


Make Moving Day Special

Take some of the un needed stress off of you and hire a mover to help with the move. When my family moved, we checked out our local Kansas City movers and hired a company to do the dirty work for us. While the movers were moving everything from point A to point B, I was able to sit with my child and have a little pizza party in our new home.

It was great that I could save my energy and stay connected with my child during this special day. When the movers left, I went right to work on his room to make it feel extra comfortable for our first night in the new home.

Follow a Pre Moving Day Checklist

Moving day is exciting for kids and doesn’t have to be stressful for you or them. Think about using a Pre Moving Day Checklist to help you get those needed tasks done before the big day. By keeping a checklist, this will help you preserve your energy and make the transition to a new home smoother.

Remember this “A Happy and Stress Free Mommy = a Happy Family” Organization is a must!


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