How to Let Toddlers Enjoy Popsicles Without the Mess


*This post is sponsored by Popsicle. All thoughts and content are my own.

There is something about a sweet little voice who whispers to you the word “Popsuickle”. This is what I hear several times a day when my children know that we have fun popsicle treats in our freezer.

I’ve grown up with Popsicle, with my favorite being the orange push pops. My children each have favorites of their own too, my son loves the Jolly Rancher Popsicles and my little girl has a new love for the Popsicle Minis.


I was recently contacted by Popsicle to become an Ambassador over the next several months. What this means for you, I will be bringing you fun entertaining ideas for your Summer BBQ’s, hosting giveaways and sharing our thoughts of the various flavors of Popsicles that we get to try.


Andrea is my youngest and has a major love for popsicles. Sadly – for this momma, a popsicle for her means that a change of clothes will be needed along with a wipe down of every body part from the melted mess.

I had to show you these awesome Mighty Minis from Popsicle that we found in the freezer last week. Perfect for the slow eater! These popsicles are smaller in size and they are made with a little bit of gelatin that keeps the popsicles from melting super fast. This product was seriously made for me, they had to have gotten this idea from a fly on my wall because we were having to withhold popsicles from my little girl due to the mess.

Summer is kicking off and the 4th of July is right around the corner.

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Popsicle Pop-Up Tour

Stay tuned for a fun craft idea that you can do with Popsicle sticks and our first giveaway!

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