How to Have the Coolest Goalie Helmet in the League


Teams sports rarely offer opportunities for artistic expression. Sports teams are required to wear the same uniforms or jerseys, and artistic expression is often banned. However, there are a few exceptions. Hockey goalies, for example, are allowed to adorn their helmets with colorful, artistic elements, and this has lead to some impressive designs.

There are several ways to achieve the look you want for your goalie mask; here are a few ideas:

484611_canuck_hockeyPaint Most goalie masks are painted, and there are several ways to convert a standard goalie mask into a painted goalie mask. Most goalie masks are made of a hard, plastic material, so it is important to have a paint that will stick. One option is to use a paint sprayer to achieve a gradient base paint.

Once the base layer has been painted, you can paint the rest of the design by hand. Tape can be used to create straight lines, and a bit of practice can keep you from having to repaint. Be careful with paint removal chemicals, as some may cause the plastic to weaken or even dissolve.

Stickers Stickers provide a foolproof method of decorating a goalie mask. Further, stickers can be removed if you want to change your mask’s look. There are a number of online stores that can sell stickers to achieve the look you want, and some websites can even print custom stickers that you create.

Other websites specialize in stickers designed for hockey masks. It is important to note that stickers are not normally designer for curved surfaces like goalie masks, so you may want to be careful before applying large stickers.

Engravings Most goalies are encouraged to engrave their names onto their helmet so they do not confuse it with other helmets. Engraving can also be used to create artistic elements on a helmet. You can use an engraving tool to create a series of lines that you will fill in with paint. You can also use an engraver to create various shapes.

Painted helmets can be repainted, and stickers can be changed; engraving, on the other hand, is permanent. Make sure you are settled on a design before you engrave your helmet.

Painted goalie masks have become a one of images that peoples think of when they think about hockey, and some young people have never seen the stereotypical white hockey masks of the past. With some careful planning and a steady hand, you can create a mask that you are truly proud of.

*Disclosure : Guest Post provided by Becky W


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