How to Care for Your Skin


girl washing faceAcne and pimple breakouts are on the most common skin disorders, there are ways to reduce the amount of breakouts you experience, but generally these are caused by changes in your body.

Changes can be anything from food you eat, your heath to hormonal changes in women. Taking care of your skin with a good daily regime can dramatically reduce the amount of breakouts you have, leaving your skin clean, smooth and acne or pimple free.

Living with Acne

Anyone is prone to acne; the belief that only teenagers get this skin disorder is completely untrue. There are thousands of adults who tackle this every single day. Acne can target anywhere on your body, it is not restricted to your face as you may believe; you can get it on the back or chest, neck or face.

Daily Skin Cleaning Regimen

Anyone who suffers from acne will need to start with a good cleaning system that they do every single day to reduce breakouts. This should include washing your face twice a day with a mild soap or a soap clinically designed for spots and pimples.

Wash your face each morning and again before bed to ensure that the oils are removed, an exfoliator is also a good idea, gently exfoliating the skin as you wash leaving your skin smooth and soft.

However, choosing the right product for irritated skin is one of the important things before starting your routine. Always read the labels and try to avoid products that have chemical ingredients. Instead, use organic products that contain natural ingredients which help to prevent the skin microbiome from drying out and keep healthy bacteria on your skin. For instance, natural soaps clean your skin and also moisturize it. If you like sweet smells you can try honey-based soaps for cleaning your skin and if not natural goat milk soaps will help you to exfoliate your skin and reduce acne rashes.

Never go to sleep wearing your make up, no matter how tired you are. Make up will stop the amount of breathing your pores can do during the night, leaving them blocked and causing black heads, pimples and spots.

Use a regular cleanser, one that is gentle on the skin but enables you to clean the pores after washing. Normally you will put the cleanser onto a cotton ball and wipe over your face removing any excess dirt in the pores.

Moisturize your skin regularly, the main reason you may be experiencing greasy skin is that your skin is dry. A dry skin will produce more oils, a good moisturizer applied to your face each morning with a sun screen in it of SPF15 will not only help keep your skin elastic but protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Some Acne Tips

Caring for acne will reduce the risk of a recurring breakout. Acne can be a few pimples on your face to your entire face or back being covered in white heads. This skin problem is one of the biggest reasons that younger adults struggle with self-confidence. Having bad acne can seriously dampen your confidence so being able to manage it is essential.

The most important thing when you find you have an acne breakout is not to try and squeeze the pimples, squeezing can lead to acne scars which you will have to live with for the rest of your life, even when you have managed to get rid of the acne.

Squeezing your pimples will also leave red, swollen and blotchy areas on your skin, which are just as difficult to cover up as the pimple was in the first place.

If you do have acne on your body, be sure to wear light clothing, try and stay away from synthetics and keep to cotton shirts and t-shirts that are loose fitting. The tighter the clothing and the synthetic materials combined together can cause your body to be too hot, it can cause you to sweat and doesn’t allow the acne to breathe, thereby only making it worse and the flare up more unbearable.

Acne and pimples are not the easiest things to live with, especially when you have to face the world each day but if you use a good beauty treatment each day, wash your face regularly, use Tria Blue Light and don’t squeeze your pimples, you will reduce the acne dramatically, regaining your confidence.

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