How Smartphones Document Events in Our Lives


My smartphone has been there to document many events in my life and the lives of my family. After reminiscing through pictures that I found this evening the best event that I captured, other than the growing up of my babies, was my adventure during Black Friday of 2011.

With the changes that many companies made to the opening hours during Black Friday, my husband and I decided to split duties for the maximum shopping effect.

I went to three stores that evening/morning, of course when you get to the store with your list there are impulse purchases that you weren’t intending to buy. My husband and I used our smartphones to take pictures of the sales, items and share them back and forth while making decisions of whether or not to buy something.

If we didn’t have our smartphones, my husband and I probably would have tried to describe the items over the phone while dealing with the frustrations of the crowd. Our smartphones made the Black Friday shopping experience more fun and easier to do.


And of course we needed our smartphones to share the crazy pictures that we took that night!

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