How I Made Father’s Day Memorable with our Digital Photos


photo book for dad

What are your favorite Father’s Day memories?

I love showing my children different ways to show Daddy how much they care on Father’s Day.

Last year I decided to make Father’s Day a little more personable. I found some of our digital photos that were taken that year and turned them into a photo book all about dad. I don’t know about you, but my husband and I take so many photos of our kids. We have photos on our phones, our cameras, hard drives, and even on our iPod. We take these pictures and then they are hidden and forgotten about.

The photo book that I made was filled with quotes about dad, memories that he created with my children, and I filled it with pictures of my children with their daddy. Being a man I really didn’t know how much he would appreciate this gesture.

When the photo book arrived I handed it to my husband and he slowly flipped through the pages. Awwws fell from his lips and I could truly tell that this gift touched him. In fact, when I went to look for the book for a photo opp, the book was tucked into the drawer of his nightstand.. right on top Smile

I’m working on a new idea this year. We are going with a card that has a picture printed out of our babies. My husband works all day from a desk so I might go with a personalized mouse pad or calendar too. Gifts that are made from our long forgotten photos are some of the best. Who doesn’t like a little trip down memory lane?


This Father’s Day, let Dad know how much you care.  Use your favorite photo memories to create something special just for him. Make it memorable. Make it meaningful. Make it real. Go to

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  • What a very thoughtful gift. Men don't often show their emotions, it sounds like it meant a lot to him. My husband had a collage of our family on his tool box at work. Very sweet!
  • That's a really great idea for a Father's Day gift. A lot of times men don't seem like they like sentimental things, but then you give them a sweet gift like that, and you can tell they really appreciate it.
  • Sweet idea, and a great one not only for Father's Day, but many other occasions. Thank you for sharing your idea. :)
  • Photos capture our memorable moments in our lives and when we look back, we can't stop smiling or make us cry. And in this fathers day, photo album with photos of course---is a great gift to our father and to our husband. Katie Macdonald recently posted..NLP Resource
  • Creating a photo book for dad is a great idea! It's also a great idea for other special occasions as well, like birthdays, anniversaries... Thanks Amanda!
  • What a sweet reaction. :) I made my hubby a card with photos of our baby girl on it since it was his first Father's Day and he cried. My husband never cries so I was really touched too. You're so right how they all get tucked away and never looked at. Using them as gifts are a great way to remember special times.
  • I think this would be a great idea, it's something he can put up on a shelf and pull down when he wants to remember that he is loved, or when he just wants to see the children's smiling faces.
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