Horse Riding Adventures


imgres-1What is your dream adventure?

I’ve always wanted to go on a horse back riding excursion through some of the most beautiful beaches. How fun would it be to wake up in the morning, throw on some chaps, grab your musto jackets and ride a beautiful white horse on a sandy white beach with your loved one.

Imagine traveling to a beautiful secluded beach, white fluffy sands that haven’t been touched, a secret little place that no one knows about.

Places like that would give you the perfect escape..

This would be perfect to take your significant other on an anniversary! Could you imagine being proposed to on the beach during a horse riding adventure? What a story that would tell.

Then there are horse riding excursions that you can take your whole family on, did you know that there are adventures were your horse will actually swim? There also sports that include horse skiing and horse surfing.

Horse surfing is a relatively new activity, basically the idea of horse surfing is riding the water on a board while being pulled by a horse who is being ridden by someone else.

This about blew my mind when I saw it! Horses love water, what better way to bring together man, horse and the love for water.

Guess you wouldn’t need any riding boots to do those kinds of adventures!

Have you ever done anything like this before?


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