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Home Makeover Event

Welcome to our Home Makeover Event, Mommy of Two Little Monkeys Edition!

In 2008 we moved in our home, thinking that it was “move in ready”. While it seemed to be move in ready at the time, we have been creating a bucket list of home improvement updates that we have wanted to make for some time.

Now it is time, and we want to take you through our experience! Room by Room, we will be making updates to turn the home “Child Friendly & Safe”, to change the personality of our rooms, and make updates to bring things up to modern day.

Our first room that will be updated is our hall bathroom.

bathroom makeover

Our hall bathroom is the most used restroom in the house. As we only have 2 1/2 baths, this bathroom is used by our children and by our guests.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of room to work with so we will not only be working with a new “theme” per say, we will also be doing a lot of reorganization to help with the every day clutter.


bathroom vanity

Here are just a few updates that will be made:

  • Faucet
  • Lighting
  • Mirror
  • Cabinets
  • Paint Color Scheme
  • Wall Decor
  • Shower Curtain & Accessories
  • Rugs
  • Under the Sink Organization

bathroom towel rack


We have picked up several ideas from Pinterest and created a bathroom remodeling board for you to follow. Below, is just one of the ideas that we will be incorporating into the project.


wash your hands bathroom letters

So our main goal is to recreate this bathroom into a fun environment for our children, a place that will grow with them for years to come, all while having an inviting feel for our guests.

 We have already gotten started on our bathroom makeover with the help of Olympic Paint and Delta Faucets. Over the upcoming weeks we will be sharing reviews and giveaways of new products that we are using to implement into our makeover. Stay tuned for more updates on our Bathroom Makeover!


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