Helping My Family Eat Better with the Green Star Elite Juicer


I have a two year old that loves juice. I also have a husband that doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables, but will drink juice. I own a juicer that is quite an ordeal to use and doesn’t seem to make much juice. It sounds like I’m grinding bones and is seriously louder than my vacuum cleaner! It hardly feels like the 20 minutes of set up and clean up is worth the glass or two of juice.

We received the Green Star Elite Juicer to review in our home, this opportunity has inspired me to help my family eat better and feel a keen sense of responsibility for what I put in their bodies.

Green Star Elite Juicer

Using the Green Star Elite Juicer, I was first pleasantly surprised at how quiet this juicer is. It’s also very efficient.

The pulp in my other juicer is very moist and juicy but the Green Star Elite pushes out very dry pulp. I like knowing that I’m getting the most juice and nutrients out of my fruits and veggies as possible. It also makes clean up that much quicker because I don’t have a sloppy, pulpy mess to deal with. Just dump in the trash and rinse the bowl and you’re done!

Compared to my other juicer, the juice from the Green Star Elite is thicker and less watery, making me think that I got the most nutrients possible out of my produce.

Green Star Elite Juicer

The Green Star Elite Juicer uses exclusive heavy duty jumbo twin gears to separate the juicing to crushing, mixing, and pressing stages for optimum juice yields and nutritional value from your fruits and vegetables.

This machine is very versatile and comes with attachments to juice with minimal pulp, more pulp mixed in, and for basic food processing.

There are instructions to make almond and date pie crusts, pates from nuts and vegetables, sauces, baby foods, and frozen fruit desserts.

Right now I am most interested in the baby foods and then will progress to the frozen fruit desserts in time for summer. The almond pie crusts sound perfect for Christmastime baking. Yum!  You can even make raw breadsticks and rice cakes with the breadstick attachment. And for the Italian food lovers, you can purchase the pasta set to turn it into a pasta press.

Green Star Elite Juicer

This Juicer comes with more than what you need to get started.

It has four juicing screens for various uses: fine screen for juice with little pulp, coarse screen for more pulp, homogenizing screen for basic food processing, and the breadstick screen.

It also comes with an operation booklet, DVD, juicing knob and breadstick knob, plastic plunger and wooden plunger, drip tray, glass juice pitcher, strainer, two cleaning brushes, and a flat lid for the top when not in use.

I must admit, after I opened the box and saw all of the parts I was a little intimidated to figure it all out. But once I got it put together and started juicing it was really quite easy. Be sure to follow the very clear instructions (with pictures) to assemble it correctly. They were very helpful! And if you are a visual learner the DVD is awesome for getting you started.

Green Star Elite Juicer

It comes apart easily for cleaning and most of the parts rinse right off.

The cleaning brush is very handy for the screw blades but the screen part is a bit troublesome. I had to scrub for quite a while to get it clean. On the body of the juicer where the screw blades attach needs to be wiped and it’s a little difficult because of all of the small crevices and the fact that you obviously can’t stick that part under the faucet. I used a sponge and then wiped with a towel.

As far as juicers go though, I really think there is no easy way around the cleaning. I have a hard time cleaning my old juicer and have to scrub the screen part for a while also.

Green Star Elite Juicer

It looks like my old juicer will have to find a new home because this one has impressed me thoroughly. The quiet motor, the versatility, and the higher quality of juice mean that I’ll be using it to sneak more fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet.

And….. it looks pretty on my counter top!

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*Product was received for the purpose of review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


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