Healthier Home Spring Cleaning Checklist


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Spring is officially here and if your house is looking a little bit like mine, you will understand the need for Spring cleaning. Dust two inches thick, dirt in the carpets from snow being tracked in, germs on everything from the Winter illnesses, it’s time to do some cleaning and make some changes to make our home healthier for the Spring.

Along with warmer weather, Spring is known to bring in seasonal allergies. These can be brought on by pets, dust mites, mold and even from the blooming flowers outside.

The dirtiest and germiest places in our homes are often places that we don’t think a lot about. Computer keyboards, mice, television remotes, tablets and even touch screen computer monitors.

Some places that we use every day are known to make us the sickest, including our purses that sit on the germ infested floors, light switches and door knobs.


So what should be on our Spring Cleaning Checklist to make our home healthier?

  • If you are an allergy sufferer, check out your bed. It’s recommended to wash your pillow cases once a week and replace your pillows every three years. Do you have a mattress cover? Those should be washed every couple of months.
  • Cleaning the floors. Consider bringing in a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets. For your hardwood floors, give them a good mop.
  • Scope out your house for mold. It hides in places that you don’t often think about and it can make you sick. In dishwashers, under or behind your refrigerator and check out your refrigerator water dispenser filters.
  • Stuffed animals are one of the biggest culprits for allergies. Grab yourself a “Teddy Needs a Bath” stuffed animal bag and wash all of your child’s precious toys. This can be used on your pet’s toys too!
  • Change out your furnace filters. The Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter is 65 times more effective then other carbon filters at removing odors from the home, such as those from cooking, tobacco smoke, pets, mildew and cleaning chemicals.


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