This is How We Prevent Those Hangry Moments – #ILoveSilkSoy


Figuring out a quick snack or meal to eat while you’re hungry is probably, hands down, the very worst time. If you’re anything like me, extreme hunger leads to being “hangry” without much space in between. My kids are the same way. You can tell they are overdue for a snack, because they become very cranky.

In those moments, it’s soo easy to just grab the first thing you can in order to curb your appetite. Most of the time, it isn’t something that’s very nutritional either. Let’s face it, when I’m at that point of hunger I’m not worried about counting calories or making the most nutritional decisions.

A bit of thinking ahead, and a few careful decisions at the grocery store, however, can have you fully prepared for when those “hangry” moments hit! Having healthy food on hand, that’s very simple and easy, is key.

One staple item on our grocery list each and every time is Silk Soymilk. I bet you never thought of milk as a way to curb hunger cravings did you?!? Well, Silk Soymilk is soo much more than just regular milk. It is a dairy-free milk that’s actually jam-packed with 8 grams of heart-healthy, plant-powered protein! Since it’s a plant-based milk, it’s naturally low in saturated fat and has no cholesterol as well. On top of all that… it even taste amazing!

Silk has become my go to “pick me up” after workouts. I generally use the Silk Soy Original. There are soo many different ways to enjoy it too! Sometimes I mix up a protein shake, while other times I make a delicious smoothie! It’s great all by itself too!

The kids absolutely love Silk. They’ve pretty much grown up on it since we switched to Silk Soy Very Vanilla when Andrew was about a year old, due to a milk allergy. Since then, we’ve all been hooked!

What’s your favorite nutritious go to snack?

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This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.