Does Hairfinity Work? See For Yourself – My Results!


Summer time is over and I’ve been dealing with the after math in my hair. I’m talking about sun damage, pool water and excessive use of flat irons on my hair. Humidity is not my friend!

Now that we are heading into the Winter months, I’ve been doing what I can to make my hair healthier and to help repair it from the damage that has been done. My goal is to grow my hair long and pretty, it’s never been really long before, and I know that it’s not going to be any easier the older that I get.

To help reach my goals, I’ve made a few changes in my lifestyle. Some of those changes include a 360 change in my eating habits, quitting soda pop and coffee, working out at the gym and creating a program with my personal trainer to become a healthier version of me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make all of these drastic changes for my hair alone. But I knew that these changes would help improve my hair and skin in the process.

While I was making these lifestyle changes, Hairfinity reached out to me with an opportunity to include the Hairfinity nutritional supplement into my diet.

What is Hairfinity?

Hairfinity is a nutritional supplement formulated with essential nutrients for healthy hair. This hair specific formula contains Vitamins A, C, and D, a B-Vitamin Complex, Biotin, MSM, and more. Hairfinity is clinically proven to increase the hair growth rate by 155% while decreasing shedding. Two capsules are taken per day, and each bottle contains a one-month supply.

I was skeptical like most people, but wanted to see if my hair would experience results like most of the reviews out there.

My Hairfinity experience started on Halloween of this year, October 31, 2014. It’s been five weeks and I’ve been using Hairfinity twice a day, every day. I wanted to put together my experience today and honestly didn’t think that there would be results to show.

Until I put my two pictures together.

In the 5 week time period, I’ve had my hair colored and have had one hair trim of about a quarter of an inch.

Does Hairfinity work?

I don’t have an exact measurement for you, but from the picture you can clearly see that there has been a growth change in my hair. My layers have grown out quite a bit, my hair feels much thicker and I am well on my way to reach goals before Spring of next year.

I’m excited about my results!

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