Guest Post: Deciding to Help Other Families Flourish


BabyMaking the decision to donate eggs, sperm or a baby’s cord blood for public use has many potential benefits. It helps other families get through particular challenges that leave the family stagnant and ultimately cause problems that are not easily overcome. Understanding the benefits of providing a donation can help determine if the decision is right for personal beliefs.

The Cord Blood Donation:

Opting for a public cord blood banking donation is a decision that many mothers consider when they are planning to give birth. Whether to give the blood, store it personally or designate it to the trash bin is something every mother ultimately decides upon. Those who choose to donate the blood are giving families an opportunity to save someone from a serious disease.

While the particular benefits of using cord blood medically are still in the phases of research, it is a fact that cord blood can help patients who have leukemia and similar diseases related to the cells. Donating the blood can give a family hope.

Sperm and Egg Donations:

Men and women who decide to donate their eggs or sperm will find that they are helping families obtain very specific gifts: the children they’ve always wanted. A wide range of reasons exist that a family might not be able to have children without a donation. For example, a couple might find out that one or the other has a genetic mutation that prevents getting pregnant.

By offering to give sperm or eggs, it is possible for the family to gain more than just the ability to prevent genetic diseases passing onto their children, it is possible to give the family an opportunity to have children in the first place.

The donation of sperm or eggs from a man or woman gives hope that the couple might have that child they wanted despite the potential challenges that otherwise might arise. It provides hope that the couple can grow and become a family that flourishes rather than remaining stagnant as a couple and never seeing the growth that comes with adding children to a family unit.

Deciding to help other families flourish starts with giving. Donating sperm, eggs or cord blood is about helping overcome challenges that might make a family unhealthy and providing the gift of having something the couple has always wanted. Donating is a gift that ultimately provides hope, happiness and the ability to grow as a family.

*This was a compensated Guest Posting


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