4 Key Ingredients to a Good Night’s Sleep


What does “sleep time” look like for you? Is your rest generally peaceful and interrupted? If so… consider yourself lucky! If not, you are certainly not alone. I posted not too long about the HUGE sleep issue here in the U.S. In fact, nearly 4 million Americans suffer from insomnia! That’s a lot of people!

It’s one thing to acknowledge that there is a problem, but where do we go from there? Are we destined to forever deal with restless nights and the tiresome days that result? The answer is a resounding NO! Today I want to share some strategies that can help you achieve a good night’s sleep!

credit : pixbay
photo credit : pixbay

Here are a few ideas:

Get Active Early: If you begin preparing for bed when you’re ready to go to sleep, you’ve waited far too long. Your physical activity early in the day affects how you sleep! Getting exercise early strengthens your circadian rhythm, helping to bring on sleepiness at night.

Get Comfortable: Allow your body to wind down towards bedtime. Relax a little! Consider taking a warm bath or some other relaxing activity to help your body transition from daytime to bedtime.

Sign Off: It can be tempting to take those tablets and mobile phones to the bed with you. The urge to check social media, or take one final peek at your email is strong! Don’t give in! In fact, put away your electronic devices one hour before bed. The LED lights in them will keep your brain active and prevent you from falling and staying asleep at night.

Go Dark: Light and darkness are natural reminders to your body that it’s time to rest or awaken. If there is light during the night, your body might incorrectly believe it’s time to wake up! Turning off the lights when it’s time to turn down the sheets helps your body from receiving mixed signals.

It’s important to get a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep. How you sleep affects your day! I will be incorporating some of these strategies to help me get a good night’s sleep, and I encourage you to do the same. My main area of struggle is putting away the social media before bedtime, but I will be making a point to change that!

Stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing the results of practicing these strategies in an upcoming post!

Which strategy do you find yourself struggling with the most? Comment below!

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