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Going Green with Bumkins Eco Friendly Baby Products


We are a busy family always on the go. Although my children aren’t in Preschool or daycare, it seems that I’m packing lunches for them a few times a week while we attend our various activities. We also have season passes to Disneyland so we try to go about once a week. Many times I’ll take the kids by myself to see a parade or we’ll meet friends there for a few hours.

Bumkins Eco Friendly Baby Products

Any Mom knows what an ordeal it is to get things packed up for each kiddo to survive a day out away from the house. Through trial and error I can now get my day out survival kit together in just 10 minutes flat! Bumkins sent me a few items that I regularly use in my day out supplies and now they are the ones I grab first.

Bumkins Eco Friendly Baby Products

Luckily both children are older now (3 and 17 months) so the diaper bag doesn’t have to be quite as full as before. Let me tell you what a pain it was to pack for a newborn and 1 year old! I cloth diaper, so a wetbag is essential.

I love how big the Bumkins wet bag is! Besides the usual PUL lined waterproof inside, it also has a stay dry outside pocket.  I can throw clean and dirty diapers in the same bag and I’m out the door! There is a handle that snaps on the side so you can attach it to your stroller if needed. I know this will come in very handy during the summertime for wet clothes and bathing suits.

Bumkins Eco Friendly Baby Products

They also sent me two lunch boxes in two different prints. I’m not in love with the girl print but the alligators had me at first look. Honestly they both fight over the alligator bag.

They are pretty roomy bags and with an ice pack they seem to keep things nice and cold. The handle can’t carry a lot of weight though, without the velcro coming open, but if you kept your contents lightweight it would be fine. I also tend to overstuff and because the style is a fold over bag and not zippered the sides don’t stay in.

I wish they’d make a zippered style bag because that would work much better for us. I will say that they are of excellent construction. I have beat these babies up and they wash well and stay strong with every use. And the clear card holder just inside the flap is a very neat feature! I put in my business card so you can see the size.

Bumkins Eco Friendly Baby Products

The weather is turning chilly here and with evenings hitting the 30s that’s very cold for us Southern California natives. If I know that we will be at Disneyland after dark I always pack blankets for the stroller. I’ve wanted a stroller blanket forever and was excited when Bumkins sent me one!

I wasn’t wild again about the print (I must be picky) but when I pulled it out I was impressed. It feels downright luxurious! The inside is a soft fluffy microplush fabric and the outside is the same waterproof fabric they use on the lunch bags and wet bags.

Bumkins Eco Friendly Baby Products

There are four adjustable velcro straps to attach it to your stroller. I can’t seem to find a spot on my stroller that’s high enough to keep it up by their chest but it definitely covers their laps. The Bumkins stroller blanket is 30×40 in size and big enough to cover the whole stroller seat. I really like the elastic feature at the top and bottom, it helps to keep the blanket snug and wrapped around. Overall I really like this stroller cover and need to get another.

Bumpkins has a great line of products, visit http://www.bumkins.com to see their entire collection.

How great would a stroller blanket be for a unique baby shower gift?


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