Fun & Easy Sensory Activity with Flour


This morning “B” was extra rambunctious so I knew it was time to find him a new and different activity. I hopped on to Pinterest real quick and found this!

50 activities just for your toddler
Since my husband has a gluten allergy I had a little bit of wheat flour that hadn’t been used in months. “B” followed me to the kitchen where I grabbed a cookie sheet and the container of flour and I told him to go sit at the table. I poured the flour out and his eyes got wide.

baby playing in flour

Was he allowed to play in this?!

messy flour play

Yes! He played for almost a half hour with very little (for a toddler!) mess and I could see the wheels turning in his head. The flour was so soft and powdery! I gave him a couple of old cookie cutters to use as tools.

baby with flour on face

What sorts of activities do you break out in a moments notice to keep your toddler busy?


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