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Fotobounce is a free software download that will allow you to share your life’s most precious pictures safely and easily with your friends and family.

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I have family that lives all over the US and since the birth of my two little ones sharing their pictures has been anything but easy. You can upload your pictures to storage sites, upload them to Social Networking Sites, create albums from several other websites etc..  With those sites you also take the risk of everyone else seeing your pictures too, how many of you have followers who are just on your list because they requested to be? Do you really talk to everyone on your friends list?

Some of your most precious photos, baby pictures, photos with some of your most precious moments could all be viewed by people out there with not so good intentions.

Do you ever sit there and think about all of the creeps who are probably viewing your pictures?

I do…

tagged photos

Fotobounce is a free software download that takes no time at all to set up. After my download was finished I was prompted to load in all of my pictures from my computer.

There is a face recognition feature in Fotobounce that will tag everyone from your pictures and allow you to categorize them with their names. When there is a photo that you need you can simply search by people, events, places, keywords and albums. This is SOOO nice specially in the blogging world when you know there is a picture you need and you need to find it quickly. Fotobounce definitely makes photo organization easy!

Sending photos to your bouncers

My favorite part of Fotobounce is the peer to peer sharing that you can establish with your friends and family. Simply invite other people from your family to use Fotobounce and then add them as “bouncers” from your account. When you are ready to send photos to your friends and family, select the pictures you want to send, select the friend or family member you want to “bounce the pictures” to and send. The sending process is so quick and easy! It was so fast I had to attempt a screen shot image 3 times before I could grab it.

Fotobounce is surely the way of how people will start sharing photos. It is about time that someone has created the ability to maintain a safe network of peers, while not having to upload your photos to the internet for everyone in the world to see and helping bring distant family closer.

Are you ready to start photo sharing?

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