Food Coloring : Icing Gels – Peanut Safe Alternative to Wilton


Food coloring, icing gels, are all the rage when it comes to decorating a fun and vibrant cake. Unfortunately, for families with nut allergies, we have to stay away from these fun confections. Wilton icing gels are some of the most popular accessories to decorate a cake, but they have never been an option for us, due to their peanut and tree nut contamination warnings.

*Insert sad face here*

We’ve tried to use regular food coloring, but it’s hard to achieve such bright colors without having to use the entire bottle. *insert another sad face*

So I set out on a mission and came across AmeriColor Gels! I grabbed a few bottles from our local Joanns Craft Store for a little “at home” testing.

Food Coloring : Icing Gels - Peanut Safe Alternative to Wilton

If you are unfamiliar with AmeriColor, they supply many different products that are peanut free, tree nut free and even gluten free. From piping gel, fondant mix, soft gel paste, sanding sugar, gourmet writers and more, you can find everything you need to decorate a cake.

If you visit their website, they even provide their “nut-free guarantee” on the home page:

Food Coloring : Icing Gels - Peanut Safe Alternative to Wilton

I recently used the fuchsia AmeriColor gel to decorate our Valentine’s Day cupcakes, the color was bright, vibrant and matched the actual color almost perfectly.

I found that only a few drops were needed and the color went a long way.

Food Coloring : Icing Gels - Peanut Safe Alternative to WiltonThe package you see above is the AmeriColor student gel pack, it was purchased from There are several different pack options to choose from and I can’t wait to order some more. I’m very pleased with the quality and even more pleased that my children can now enjoy nut-free cakes and cupcakes that are fun in color. 

Check out the AmeriColor website to see all of their nut-free products

*Disclaimer – No product or compensation was provided. I purchased these AmeriColor gels on my own. All thoughts are my own!


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