Flexible Summer Learning Program – The BrainChase Treasure Hunt!


This post is sponsored by Brain Chase and The Motherhood. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Summer is rolling along and we are gearing up for our family adventures. Vacations are being planned and our days are becoming just as busy as they were during the school year.

But, summer doesn’t mean that my children will be stopped from learning. That’s why we signed up for the Brain Chase Summer Learning Challenge.


Brain Chase is a summer learning challenge that comes with a huge reward, a $10,000 treasure hunt scholarship for one lucky child.

And the best part about it? 

Brain Chase is super flexible!

This 5 week learning challenge will commit your child to doing five hours of focused online academic work each week. While this can sound crazy when the summer is go-go-go, your child can complete the work online, whenever, wherever and in whatever order they prefer.

No worries about taking a vacation or attending a summer camp, students can catch up on missed work from previous weeks.


Since school let out a few weeks ago, my 7 year old has been asking on a daily basis about the Brain Chase challenge.

So I asked him, what are you most excited about? He is excited about receiving special packages in the mail with clues , unlocking clues from his assignments and racing to be the first to find where the treasure is buried. 

I’m excited for him! 

Want to get your child in on the Brain Chase Fun?

It’s not too late to sign up for Brain Chase! Even if you have all of your summer activities planned out, you can add Brain Chase to your kid’s existing plans to round out their summer fun.

There has been an update to the premium pricing package!

Alongside the regular pricing package for the first registration, and then $100 for each sibling), Brain Chase has now begun offering their premium pricing package ($249 for the first registration, and then $149 for each sibling). The premium package includes Brain Chase registration plus a Brain Chase-branded adventure backpack, a Brain Chase t-shirt and Sunstone of Cortés patch. Later in the summer, these items will be available for a la carte purchase.

Join us in the $10,000 Treasure Hunt!

We are counting down the days to June 22nd and hope that you join us for the fun. This is such a great opportunity to keep the kids learning and having fun while doing it. 

For more information about Brain Chase and to sign up, visit http://brainchase.com/pricing/