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Everyday I’m grabbing my camera to capture those sweet moment between my kids, a first time moment, and even those funny moments that I will never want to forget. Those moments of joy that just make you smile.

Fisher Price wants to help you share these memories in a new photo sharing place called “Moments of Joy”.

On the website you can create an account to share your own moments by uploading pictures, text, and videos just as I did.

Some of the moments I shared were of Andrea’s first words, her first time in a big girl bed, my kids playing together, Andrew’s first day of school, and photos from our Fisher Price House party.

I love being able to see them all collaged in one place and seeing moments from other families as well. This is such a fun way to share those joyful memories that really make you smile.

By joining me in the sharing of your sweet and funny moments, you will be entered to win in the Fisher Price Moments of Joy Sweepstakes!

moments of joy sweepstakes

From November 27th – December 20th, Fisher Price will be selecting five weekly winners, at random, to each receive a $100 gift card. One Grand Prize winner, selected at random, will win up to $1,000 of Fisher Price toys!

The process is so easy to do. Just visit the Fisher Price Moments of Joy website or Moments of Joy App on Facebook, and upload your photos, videos, and text.

I hope that you will join me in the Moments of Joy community!

To be eligible, you must be the age of majority in your state of residence and a legal resident of the U.S. or the District of Columbia. You can review the Official Rules for the sweepstakes to learn the other requirements for entry by visiting here: Fisher Price Moments of Joy Sweepstakes



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Hi! I'm Amanda, a Kansas City Lifestyle Blogger, mom of two little people, social media addict, travel junkie with a slight obsession to baking and fitness.

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  • I can never have kids but love them so much! My kids are my kittys their bring a lot of joy into my life and make me smile every day! Thank you for the great giveaway and Happy Holidays too you!
  • my oldest was singing carols and he messed up a tiny bit and said something on stage at church that he did not mean to and it was very funny
  • I am a nanny. The 3 year old boy I watch has a little baby doll in a blue outfit, he calls blue baby. Well yesterday we are playing and I took the doll and went to kiss its head and made a tooting noise on the dolls head. The little boy picks the doll up and smells it a couple times (he smells EVERYTHING) and then starts to cry. Then he yells "MISS CAREY. YOU FARTED ON MY BABY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!" I had to cover my face I was laughing so hard
  • My son was acting silly and made my 4 month old baby girl laugh her first big belly laugh! It was the greatest! Baby laughs make a heart as happy as can be :)
  • Well...I don't have any children...but my family is large and have 21 nieces and nephews. We also have 2 toddler cousins that I adore. The older one, just turned two...and well...he's pretty cute. When he wants to go outside he says outside, but when he wants to go in the back yard he says backside. It's really quite cute.
  • The kids got certificates from "Santa" in the mail addressed to each of them that said they were on the "nice" list this year, they were so excited.. I had no clue my mom sent them it was so cute.
  • I asked my son if he has been good this yr. He said he thought so. I said what if Santa doesnt bring you anything. He said Ill take the religious way about Christmas. I said what does that mean. He said you know - the true meaning of Christmas Happy that Jesus was born. :)
  • My niece was playing in her room and came in the living room to tell me that I was beautiful and she loved me. She's such a sweet child.
  • The labor of my son...I had a heart condition and went into cardiac arrest during delivery...and the memory of my 24 hours of labor was wiped away...I wish I had documented it so I could have those memories back, since I cannot have another child.
  • My grandson loves to take a bath in my large garden tub and will take any excuse to do so. Earlier this week, he was playing outside and was slightly dirty, as one would expect for an almost 4 year old. When I called in him in for lunch, he absolutely refused to eat until he had taken his bath--although just a face and hand wash would have been perfectly reasonable. His clothes were soiled enough that I didn't want to put them back on him, so I pulled out one of his uncle's t-shirts (who is 6'3") and put that on him. The look on my daughter's face when she returned and saw him was almost funnier than watching him prance around drowning in that t-shirt!
  • My 22 month old grandson was pulling the Christmas lights off the tree. When he saw me with the stern look he put them back on,lol. jofo120 at yahoo dot com
  • While my husband was deployed, my son and his step-son told me that he wanted to be just like his step-dad when he grows up. No matter how much kids can drive you crazy they have pure sweetness and innocence in their hearts.
  • While making cookies with the kids, my 6 year old made the remark "aren't you happy that we are helping? It goes so much faster with us helping you" umm... not exactly what I was thinking! It seems to take 10x longer with them! But it was so sweet.
  • My cousin wanted me to pick him up, so when I did, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and then said that was all he wanted to be picked up for and then asked to be put down.
  • My twin girls just called me at work, which they don't do very often. They got on the phone together and said that they just wanted to tell me that they loved me. So Cute.
  • My nephew told me seriously that we should leave some Silk milk along with the usual 2% for Santa in case he was lactose intolerant :)
  • I hid a gift for my daughter in my grandson's closet and swore him to secrecy. Before I got out of the driveway, he told her what I had done. Sneaky kid.
  • I don't have kids ... does a moment with my dog count? Last night I was having trouble sleeping so my dog came and laid down right next to me, wiggling up right by my side until she was cuddled up with my arm over her. It was SUPER cute. And I slept better with her there. :) good dog.
  • My daughter picked up a gift from the tree (that is for her) and turned it to the side. After hearing the sound, she said, "It's Legos." So much for the surprise!
  • I loved seeing the expression on my 3 year old's face when he saw his grammy at the airport (it was asurprise that we were picking her up) and he was very excited!
  • one of the kids gave their Mom a big compliment on how well she looked before we went out to dinner ardy22 at earthlink dot net
  • My daughter is 15 months & every saturday she insists on calling her Pop (my dad), Sa (my aunt Lisa) & Nuhnuh (my grandmother) just to say Hi about 15-20 times :)
  • I don't have kids, but have a lot of them in my life. I got married a couple months ago, in a friend's backyard. The friends have a pig, chickens, and ducks. One of the cutest moments ever was watching all my tiny family members running around chasing the animals or just standing in awe of them. Adorable!
  • My daughter just started to learn how to read and when she doesn't know words, she just wings it! These stories become really funny!
  • Not to be a typical mom but everything coming from my kids have been making me melt. I have a newborn and a new big brother who's 4. It's been nonstop cuteness, even though I'm so tired. lol :)
  • When my first grade son got picked on by a bully, I had to physically restrain my 7th grade daughter from going and beating up the bully!
  • I don't have kids of my own but I do enjoy babysitting. A few months ago I went to watch my friends kids (ages 3 and 5) who I have known since they were babies and when I sat down on the loveseat they both climbed up behind me then dive-bombed me so I tickled them and they kept kissing me and I was cracking up laughing so hard I had to beg them to stop so I didn't pee my pants.
  • My son is 20, and today was his day off, so he stayed home most of the day complaining to me about things my hubby messed up. It cracked me up because they both do this and once they vent to me, they are just fine )
  • When I turned on the string of lights for the first time testing them out, and my daughter (Being 18 months), thought it was the best thing in the world. Her eyes lit up and she squeeled and made the cutest face while pointing at them. Definitely was a great moment in my life. :)
  • a sweet moment for me was the other night when I was watching the memorial at the high school in Newtown,Ct on tv that President Obama attended and my 16 year old son watched the whole thing with me..Now he any other time would be watching some funny movie or playing video games..I was really touched he watched with me.
  • After watching a Victoria's Secret commercial, My 3 year old son asked me "Mommy are you pretty?", I said "What do you think?" He told me "Only when you wear red lipstick." Oh boy!
  • I just got pictures from my 19 yr old son, who is in the Air Force, and was sent, only last week to his first job in South Dakota. He left for boot camp in May, and got to come home after technical training for only two days at Thanksgiving. He will spend Christmas 1000 miles away from home by himself...but he told me that the airmen will be his "family" on Christmas Day. I miss him terribly, but I am so very proud of the man that he has become .
  • My daughter recently sent a picture of my granddaughter high-fiving Santa - big difference from last year (the visit to Santa last year did not go as planned - many tears involved!).
  • My daughter is 7 months old and is just learning to sit. For chanukah, grandma got her a cat that moves around and runs away. It's really for 12-36m. Anyway, the cat ran away from her and she tried to catch it and leaned forward and landed on her face. She was fine. It was adorable though. She isn't doing that again anymore ;)
  • Recently bought some new clothes and I tried them on to decide if I liked them and I asked my son his opinion and when I put one of the shirts on my son said "mom, you look beautiful" I thought that was so sweet.
  • One of my grandsons was going to have blood taken from his arm and his baby brother wanted to know if the nurses were going to give his arm back when they were done taking blood.
  • I was decorating cookies with my niece and the next thing I know she had convinced the whole family to join in. It amazes me how persuasive a little peck on the cheek from her can be.
  • I guess it would have to be decorating Christmas treats with my 4 year old and he said mommy I don't think Santa will need all of these. I could help him eat it
  • no kids but I do have a niece that is such a little sweetie.. she came over and wanted to hang every Christmas ornament.. well she is only 3 so all the ornaments are hanging on the bottom of the tree!
  • My daughter is older...she was recently the maid of honor at my niece's wedding - they both grew up to be beautiful and smart...
  • Seeing my girls watch a movie together without fighting. My oldest daughter is 12 and my youngest is 8 so they don't have a lot in common. I love seeing them doing something together without fighting. thank you!
  • My sister gives my boys a new Christmas ornament every year and we were decorating the tree and they were talking about each ornament and when they got it and which ones they liked the best.
  • a recent sweet moment is I am sitting here entering this giveaway as I am watching my 3 yr old and 11 yr old play with a tiny ball together laughing their butts off. They have us all cracking up laughing. The baby wants the ball lol.
  • I don't have children, but my boyfriend's nephew told his grandmother he'd tell her what she was getting from them for Christmas if he'd tell Santa Claus what he wanted. When she went to ask him what they were giving her, he said, "A present"...HA HA funny kid!
  • e walked into a store recently and my 5 year old son said "Well, this is awkward."! The way he said it was so funny!!!
  • I fixed my nephew breakfast. Unable to finish it all, he said, "Aunt Pammy, I can't eat anymore, but it was delicious."
  • the cutest moment...when my kids decided to share certain toys before I had to say something. it was such a sweet thing.
  • Just the sweet moment when you see care and concern between 2 of your kids - my daughter and I had a thoughtful conversation full of love about her brother.
  • My son is about to be in his school's holiday concert tonight. And this morning, he was singing his songs SO LOUDLY in the shower you could hear him thru the whole house!
  • A sweet moment is watching my 10-year old son take on certain responsibilities that he has never taken on before. Proud mommy watching him grow up but kind of sad at the same time. : )
  • My niece just went to my moms to bake cookies for Christmas. My mom had a blast the whole day with her. They both needed that time together. Sweet.
  • I don't have any kids, but my friends two children keep me busy whenever I visit. I'm their go to source for anything Pokemon lately.
  • I love watching my kids play together they are 2 and 4. Sometimes when they are playing my littlest starts laughing and can't stop. It's my fav laugh.
  • My daughter was imitating Santa Claus saying "HoHoHo, Merry Christmas" and Since her 2nd Birthday is coming up on the 23rd we keep on reminding her shes going to be two and she'll sing the whole happy birthday song to herself. Lol
  • We just had another baby two weeks ago and when she cries my four year old does tricks for her to try and make her happy.
  • My daughter is sick right now with a fever, and she's super cuddly. She was laying on my chest last night and out of nowhere she says "I love you mom mom". Yeah, she called me "mom mom" for some reason lol. I thought it was adorable, she knows who to come to when she's not feeling good.
  • My little boy walked down the aisle as a Bible bearer at my cousin's wedding... He hopped and skipped and hummed the wedding march all the way to the altar. So cute.
  • My two year old saying Merry Christmas is one of the sweetest and funniest things since she can't quite say it clearly.
  • My niece wanted to like the brownie mixing spoon and ended up with chocolate ALL over her face, I thought it was pretty funny.
  • I truly have so many moments of joy everyday, my youngest sons are very close in age so experience a lot of firsts together and its so special seeing their happiness and being a part of it. Most recent was them realizing they can both fit in their Fire Engine together if one sits on the others lap. Seeing their happy faces always fills me with joy.
  • When my niece was 3 yrs old she wanted to eat her brownie before lunch. When she was told no, she closed her eyes, then said she prayed & asked Jesus & he said it was ok! Guess she thought he was the final authority!
  • My daughter is only 4 months old, but every time I make her laugh she gets the hiccups! Then we both laugh about the hiccups! It's pretty cute!
  • When my boys woke up this morning to find their Elf, Hermey, on the tree...he flew in last night! My youngest just looked up and said, "Wow! Hermey came back to see me. I love him!" Thanks for the chance to win!
  • my toddler wanted a "big belly" like my pregnant baby belly so badly! so i got his spiderman ball and zipped it up inside his sleeper. he sat and talked to his "baby belly" it was ADORABLE!
  • Our granddaugher has learned to use her mom's smart phone, however, we usually call her on Skype, she can't quite work out why we can't see her when she calls us on her moms phone. She'll call us up and put the phone down and all we can hear is see gram and pop pop see my new dance..
  • My 2 year old daughter put on my Bebe body con dress & it actually fit her!! She danced and smiled the entire time she was in i .
  • My granddaughter at Halloween looked so cute and was told so. She went up to her preschool teacher and said to her "Don't I just look adorable" We took a pic of that costume and uploaded for this
  • A special moment for me was when I waled into my daughter's kindergarten classroom and she was sitting in the teacher's chair reading a story to her class.
  • I overheard my daughter having a conversation with our dog in our room; she was talking to the dog about makeup and wanting to have her nails painted. The dog just kept looking at her while she was talking and then finally leaned over and licked her right on the mouth and my daughter said "I love you too Bailey".
  • My are all older. My daughter came home from high school today with her boyfriend saying she left her phone on the bus. They knew the bus came around a second time for the Junior high kids so her BF sprinted to the bus stop and retrieved her phone. He is a nice guy and so good to Lauren
  • My 19 months old toddler has a habit of throwing things whatever passes through his hands.When he does it i'll say "NO don't do that". A couple of days back he threw something and when i saw, he was like "NOOO" with his hands!! lol
  • Kids are grown - something funny from my grand daughter. She saw my cockatiel and said to her mom, look Barb's got a chicken! Thank you.
  • Right now my boys are playing family on the living room with their stuffed toys and telling each other how much they love each other :)
  • My four year old nephew wanted to try scaring me, so he ran in to the bathroom and hid behind the shower curtain and waited for someone to come in so he could jump out and yell--two minutes in, he runs out of the bathroom because he thought the sharks and fish on our shower curtain were going to eat him.
  • My first baby is due Jan. 30th! I am looking forward to making many memories with my little man and any future kids we are blessed with!
  • Just this morning, my five year old looked at me and said "Hey Mommy! Watch this face!" and then proceeded to make the funniest goofy face. She then told me "Grandpa makes that face!" And, after careful consideration, I knew just what look my dad made that she's talking about! And she looked just like him after I realized what look she was aiming for. :)
  • Our youngest kids are teens and 20 now at home, but we have a live in just 1 grand daughter. She loves being chased by Papa or chasing HIM. When she does she shakes her hands and then runs like a Frankenstein with her hands out right in front of her and lets out this GUTTERAL laugh. It's just so fun to have a little one in the house again after 13 years. Plus, we get plenty of Joy moments...we also get to see our grandson, also just one, as he comes here for day care most of the week. He was born so early and to watch him and know how precious life is, is truly a miracle. To see these two cousins bond, just 2 weeks apart is amazing. We know they will be more like siblings and that is just so uplifing to see!
  • With a 2 year old there's never a dull moment. The funniest thing is watching my baby laugh at his big sister's silly antics. It only encourages her more unfortunately. Warms my heart to hear their laughter. :)
  • My kids saw snow for the first time last week when we visited my Mom up North. My oldest son loved it, but my youngest made the funniest face when he touched it.
  • This morning my kids both thought something was funny at breakfast. Don't even remember what it was that was funny, but I spent ALL morning thinking about their cute little belly laughs! :D
  • My son is always full of sweet and funny stories ;) One of the latest sweet stories was Halloween time we were watching Caspar and when the slow dance part came on he asked me to dance, it was so cute!
  • My 1 year old special needs son just came up to me with his book on the picture of a dog sleeping and he signed sleep for the first time!!
  • My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with the movie Toy Story. She runs around all the time saying she is Buzz Lightyear and screaming "to infinity and beyond". It is really cute. But not so cute when we are in the middle of Walmart and she starts screaming that.
  • My daughter recently started "answering the phone" (she's 11 months old)....she take the house phone, or a cell phone, and hold it up to her ear and say HIIII or 'loooo (hello)...it's the cutest ever!
  • My two year old son was watching Star Wars and he saw Chewbacca for the first time. He didn't know what sound it made (he's big into animal sounds right now) so he started yelling "woof woof! Roar!" Everytime Chewey came on screen.
  • My sweetest moment lately with my kids was when my 17 mo old walked over to his 3 mo old baby sister in her bouncy chair, leaned over and gave her a kiss on the head :) Talk about melting your heart!! He is the sweetest big brother :)
  • My 3 year old grand daughter is stuck on watching the grinch. She wants to watch it all day long if we would let her. We try other movies and she only wants to watch that one movie.
  • I recently caught my husband and son giggling together over my sons favorite book "Doggies". I was able to capture the moment on camera and simply love the picture. It is a great Father/Son moment that really brings to heart the importance of family and makes me realize how truly blessed we are.
  • Our oldest daughter was home from college for the weekend, so the whole family got to go pick the Christmas tree. The children spent the rest of the day decorating it.
  • recently took 4 of our grandkids to see dreamworks 'How to train your dragon' live...5 mins into the show the 5 yr old(who has everything dinosaurs and dragons)told his Mom ,that if this is his surprise, she can take it back, now!!!He ended up watching from the door way out in the hall...he just kept insisting they were real!But the next day he was so excited and thanked me for the bestest and the most AWESOME persent ,ever!!!! 11
  • I thought it was cute but it wasn't at the time...my sister was down last week with her twin girls (1 yo). Several times I was holding one or the other helping out my sister. Every time my dd got jealous (she's 5)! There was one time she was mad at me (this was AFTER we got home from eating out with all of us!) and I asked her what was wrong and she said "You did it again!". It took a second for it to sink in what she was talking about but when it clicked, I had to give her lots of cuddles and kisses to assure her she is my only princess! LOL
  • I don’t have kids, but a funny moment with my niece was when she said she had to potty, then she took off her pamper off and peed in the middle of the floor.
  • I don't have kids, but it was always nice to see my dog Bandit and my dad's cat kissing each other (they were best friends)
  • My almost 3 month old baby boy has started not just smiling & laughing but belly laughing after he gets his belly full from milk! it's the cutest thing and I'm still trying to catch it on video :)
  • Every day when my two little ones get home from school, they run up the sidewalk squealing and give me big hugs. I look forward to that and I think it's so sweet! Thanks for the chance to win! mrsmchappell at gmail dot com
  • Last night while I was working on the computer, my 3 year old sleepily walked in and went back to sleep in my bed. An hour later, he woke up, looked around sleepily, and said, "Mom, I'm magic!". He didn't remember how he got from his room to mine! :)
  • my boys ran through the house chasing each other with lightsabers, it was hilarious because our youngest was in nothing but his diaper.
  • Seeing my daughter celebrate her 5th birthday with all her school friends this past week. It was her first big girl birthday party with friends there :)
  • my ten month old daughter climbed into the laundry basket that we keep her toys in, sat down and carefully took every toy out. then she managed to climb back out without tipping it over.
  • When talking to my daughter about what she had for lunch the other day at daycare she said she had "salombi". I thought that was so cute!
  • My 3 yr old daughter made friends with the lady behind us on our flight to CA last week. She kept up a running conversation with her- letting her know inportant things like "when we were about to land". :)
  • A recent sweet moment with my daughter was a drawing she did of myself and my grandfather. It's sweet because he passed away before I was even born, but she's heard me speaking about him recently and wanted to draw us. I'm sure he's smiling down on us.
  • My 7 yr old helped his 4 yr old sister make a Christmas tree out of paper yesterday, and he kept encouraging her that she was doing a good job.
  • I'm a new mom, one early morning when I was as tired as can be and thought to myself I don't know how much more sleepless nights I can take, I look down at my son as I go and pick him up, he gave me a smile that melts my heart.
  • Just this past weekend, my kids and I decorated our house and Christmas tree. Usually the kids end up fighting, but this past weekend they were instead being really nice and help each other. It was really quite sweet.
  • Little grandson is two and he's trying to decide what he should ask Santa for and true to his nature he asked for trains, tractors, trucks and puzzles.
  • My daughter was so excited when we put up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving. She started dancing around the living room.
  • A sweet moment that happened with my kids is last night when my youngest had to go around and hug everyone before she could go to bed.
  • My family was watching the Pats football game on Thanksgiving and my son called out what the flag was before the ref announced it. I was really proud.
  • I stayed with my grand-daughters recently and the littlest one said, "Mamaw, I think about you everyday" I melted:)
  • My son was watching a show where the main character, after receiving a gift he wanted for Christmas exclaimed "now this is what Christmas is all about!" My son turned to me and said "no it's not! It's about loving each other!" He's 5 and it melted my heart.
  • I was babysitting my 3 year old niece last week and I was talking to my friend on the phone. I must have been complaining about something because she told me she wasn't in the mood to deal with my attitude today. LOL I thought it was cute :)
  • my son was watching the christmas pier one commercial "find what speaks to you" and he said "we need to go there, I need to find what speaks to me" He is four and I just adored him.
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