I’m About to Step On The Platform and Do This!


I’ve been quiet and preoccupied over the last couple of months. If you have been following for a while, or follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m currently training for a power lifting competition.

My first one!

I’ve been power lifting for almost 2 years now and this winter was when the decision was made to compete. For what? For myself mostly, just something I wanted to do before turning 40. I’m pretty sure that the bug has bitten me, this won’t be my only competition. 

I'm About to Step On The Platform and Do This! First Powerlifting Meet

About 10 weeks ago, I hired a local coach to help me prep and lead into my first power lifting meet. The training has been intense, 6 days a week and 2+ hours in the gym. I’ve been left with enough energy to take care of my family, eat, sleep and breathe. So to all of you, I apologize the blog was kind of left behind.

I’m currently sitting at one and a half weeks until I step on the platform, Sunday the 29th. I’m super excited, feeling like everything was put into this training and most of all.. I’m ready. SO ready!

I'm About to Step On The Platform and Do This! First Powerlifting Meet

A few extra rest days are being thrown in right now, mainly to recover before the big day. So, I wanted to stop by and let you all what was going in my power lifting world.

Eight weeks ago, my maxes were tested at 120lbs on bench, 230lbs on squat and 305lbs on deadlifts. I’m getting ready to re-test this week to see where my numbers are at. Be sure to follow on Instagram! I share things rather quickly over there.

I will be competing in the USPA federation Sub-Masters age group and the 90kg weight class. 

Here is a little bit from my last squat session last week, leading up to this testing week


Can’t wait to share the results and how everything went!