Feeling comfortable in your pregnant body



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In the first trimester of your pregnancy you may feel the changes in your body but they may not be obvious to the world yet.  It can be hard to feel comfortable with what appears to be a weight gain.  But if you are worried that your newly rounded shape is not attractive to your partner, don’t be.  Studies show that roughly 60% of men find their partners equally attractive during pregnancy, while nearly 30% find their pregnant partners even more attractive than usual.  In fact, pregnant women give off pheromones that actually encourage their partners to be more nurturing.

Exercise can not only help you stay toned during your pregnancy it can also help to alleviate discomfort.  If you do not already have an exercise routine you will want to start very slowly and you should always make sure that your exercises are safe for your baby as your pregnancy progresses.  Yet, there is evidence that women who exercise while pregnant have less ankle-swelling, fatigue, constipation, and shortness of breath.  Exercise also helps women recover from labor more easily, which is an added bonus.

Exercising will help you have more energy and feel better about your body even as it changes.  Women gain weight during pregnancy; some gain most of their weight in the belly while others have an over-all weight gain.  Stay positive about the changes.  You may not feel very comfortable with it but it is all natural.  As you gain weight you also gain curves.  You may not be so sure about the changes, but your partner may enjoy your new curves.  Remember that you need to gain some weight during your pregnancy, usually at least 30 pounds, to be healthy.  Exercising can keep it within an acceptable range and help you feel better about your body, but gaining weight is a part of the process.  So don’t worry about it or compare yourself to other women.


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Another way to feel more comfortable about your pregnant body is to pamper it. Once the baby is here you won’t have much time to think about yourself – so make the most of it when you’re pregnant! If you are worried about acne during pregnancy then you can do a beauty routine every morning.  Staying on top of the acne and hiding any imperfections with a little base, blush and mascara may help you to continue feeling beautiful.  Indulge yourself and get manicures and pedicures once a month.  Allow yourself to buy some cute maternity clothes and dresses.  If you only wear baggy sweatshirts you will be more likely to feel like a sack of potatoes.  Wear clothes that are comfortable and suit your baby bump but also show off your best assets!  Being pregnant doesn’t mean you need to forgo style.