Give Dad a Gift of Relaxation with a Father’s Day Massage #Massage4DadsDay


This post is sponsored by Massage Envy Spa. All experiences and thoughts are my own.

Ever have that feeling like you would like nothing better in the world than to simply relax, unwind, and stress? I do, all the time. While I love spending time with my Husband and kids, it’s just nice to have time to myself now and then. No one screaming “Mommy!”, or “Babe, do you where (insert random object) is?”. I like spending one on one time with my Husband, whenever we can too. Luckily, I found a way to do both without sacrificing a single moment of my “me time”.

My husband and I visited Massage Envy Spa on our first wedding anniversary. We received a couple’s massage, and were completely wowed by the phenomenal customer service we received. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with massage therapists who helped to customize our experience. My husband enjoys a deep pressure massage while I enjoy a hot stone massage. We both walked out of Massage Envy Spa more relaxed than we have ever been! Now our tradition is to visit Massage Envy Spa on every wedding anniversary, with additional visits through the year. I may not have much choice about the grey hair that my kids bring, but the stress is something that I can do something about!


Let’s do something about Dad’s stress on Father’s Day and give him a gift of the unexpected! I know my husband loves it when treated to a massage at Massage Envy Spa, what man wouldn’t enjoy a little time to relax? What’s even better is the uniqueness of a Massage Envy Spa gift card! Men expect tools, shirts, ties and the usual “Dad” stuff. 

Catch Dad off guard this year and give him the gift of relaxation with a Father’s Day massage.


I know what you’re thinking, “massages are expensive!” Not true. The goal at Massage Envy Spa is to offer professional massages, facials, and relaxing therapies without the hefty price tag charged by most spas. That’s because Massage Envy Spa truly CARES about the community.


Massage Envy Spa also gives back to the community through various discount programs and foundations.

Here are a few examples:


On May 14th, Massage Envy Spa co-hosted a twitter party with David’s Bridal, with the purpose of educating consumers on how to reduce stress in their lives!

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What would you do with a Massage Envy Spa gift card?