Family Vacation in Park City Utah – Ski Adventures, Dog Sledding and More!



The east coast is dealing with a massive blizzard and I’m thinking about having a family vacation in Park City, Utah.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to go on a ski trip, the last time being in my teenage years. Utah is a place that is known for having the best scenery, ski vacations and adventures. Park City has something there for the entire family!

Here are some of the things that my family would like to do in Park City, Utah:

    • Ski Resorts – There are three world class resorts for skiing. After looking into more information about Park City, we found that these resorts are very family friendly. They offer ski lessons for the kids, at a few of the resorts- kids 6 and under ski for free and they even have a childcare that provides activities for children who are a little too young for the slopes.
    • Utah Olympic Park – The Olympic Park Museum can be toured with your entire family to learn about the 2002 Olympic games, watch top athletes train or even take a bobsled ride.
    • Dog Sledding – Take a ride on a dog sled tour that is being ran by real Alaskan Husky racing sled dogs! This would be a fun way to explore the winter covered city.
    •  Alpine Coaster – My family loves theme parks so of course the Alpine coaster would be on the “must do” list. The Alpine Coaster takes you on a one person cart, down a mountain, through the trees and it is all controlled by you. The scenery alone on the Alpine coaster would make it worth the ride!Check out this video of the Alpine Coaster in action:


And just in case a winter family vacation can’t happen.. Rentals in Park City, Utah offer something for the entire family, no matter what season. They are full of attractions and will cater to everyone in the family, sports, adventure and relaxation.

Have you ever taken your family on a ski vacation?


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