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Where is mom in the pictures? That’s my problem and this year I’m working hard to fix that. It’s easy to find a lot of great family picture ideas online, get the family all dressed up, but it’s hard to remember that mom needs to jump out from behind the camera and get pictures with her in them too.

Last month, Dove partnered with Walmart in the #CameraCourage campaign to help women all over the country feel courageous around the camera.

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Every Saturday during the month of January, Walmart held a camera courage photo booth where women all over could instagram a photo of themselves with the hashtag #cameracourage.

Check out the hashtag #cameracourage on instagram to see all of the fun submissions! I love seeing moms all over, getting in front of the camera, even if it’s a selfie in the middle of her day.

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No one wants their children to see a family photo album with someone missing, like they were never even there. We all say how important it is to capture life, family memories and to create a visual of our day to day adventures. Well, we are all apart of that… mom too! This is why it’s so important to gain some courage and to jump into the photos with our family.

Here are some tips to get you started with taking a family photo, with you included!

  • Tripod – If you don’t have one, get one. A tripod will allow you to take a picture anywhere you please, not having to wait for a passer by and gives you the creativity to get your settings and framing just the way you want it.
  • Remote – This goes with the tripod. No more running into the picture last minute, with hair in your face, awkward posing and a funky grin. A remote will allow you to frame the picture perfectly and take the picture when you are ready.
  • Let your child get involved – Some of the best pictures that we have taken are those that we let our kids push the shutter button. They take the job so seriously and some of the most genuine smiles come this way.
  • Use a timer – Even with a remote. If you set the timer on your camera, use the remote to start the countdown. This way you don’t have throw the remote last minute and you have 10 seconds to hide it from the frame.
  • Lifestyle shots – All of your pictures don’t have to be set up in a field , picture perfect. Try some lifestyle shots during your day. Maybe set the camera up in front of the kitchen table and take a picture of meal time. Take a picture of the meal making process. How about a tickle fest on a bed with nice light coming into the bedroom. If you are camera shy, this could be a great way to slowly move in front of the camera
  • Silly Faces – If you are camera shy, take pictures of silly faces! Silly faces can ease a lot of tension and can really show the personality of your family. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

family photo ideas

This is a picture that I took with my kids during the day. I set up my tripod and when they were acting silly, we all jumped in front of the camera and pushed the shutter button from the remote.

family photo ideas

There is snow all over the country and while it’s annoying, snow can make a really pretty backdrop! This picture came from Roberts Five Photography and she set this up with a simple tripod and remote.

Mommy and Kate filmstrip week 19

mother and child

This is how I often take pictures with my children, one arm out and a selfie is born. These photographs come from Christina Skinner Photography and she shares how something as simple as a selfie, put together in a series, can tell a story between mother and child.

Strike a Pose

Join the #cameracourage movement. Instagram a photo of yourself and tag the photo with #cameracourage. Share with your friends to spread the #cameracourage message.

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