Family Comedy Special from American Family Insurance


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I was an ornery child… ornery teen at that! Who all is with me? My husband hears stories from my mom all the time about all of the things I did to drive her crazy…

American Family Insurance has created a new Stand Up For Family Comedy special that is hosted by Bill Bellamy and features some of today’s hottest comedians. I was watching some of these videos from their website and there was one from Mark Viera, he did a stand up about teens and the repercussions of telling them “no”, then giving into them and saying “yes”.

What’s funny about this video is that when my mom used to tell me “No” I knew that it wouldn’t be “No” in 15 minutes… 15 minutes after I worked on her with my tears and whining :) Every weekend I would want a friend to come stay the night and I was sit on the kitchen floor whining, following her around the house saying “please Please PLEASE” until she broke down. More times than not it worked!

Do all kids do that? Or was I just really that spoiled child? Remember your parents always saying to you “I can’t wait until you have kids!”? Man I heard that one a lot from my mom.

If you need a good laugh you should stop by and watch some of these videos, AmFam is great to have put this together and provide some great stories, laughter and entertainment that we can all relate to.

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