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MH900442218The joy and anticipation of expecting a new baby in the family is an experience that deserves sharing. Parents and siblings deserve a strong and supportive community. EverydayFamily is a unique site that offers an opportunity to share your personal happiness and concerns, and it gives you a window into the worlds of others who are traveling the same, loving road. Whether you’re preparing for your very first child or redoing the spare room for another sweet addition to your family, you’ll find information that’s useful and entertaining.

EverydayFamily is an overview of everything you love about being a parent. If you need advice about conception strategies or ideas about decorating your dream nursery, you’ll discover a wealth of resources on this one site. The range of subjects covered is remarkable, and the depth of knowledge is impressive. The focus is pregnancy, but you’ll also find smart articles and blogs about raising and loving your children. From naming your new baby to getting the kids off to their first day of school, EverydayFamily provides real-world tips and useful suggestions.

One of the best features of EverydayFamily is the real-time connection it offers between parents at all stages of family development. Comment sections and blogs are constantly updated, and the Community Chalkboard is the ultimate forum experience for sharing your life as a parent and learning from others just like you. This one site offers you a chance to enjoy every aspect of parenting and lets you share that joy, too.

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