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Why Every Household Needs These Energy Star Products


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In today’s world, we’ve become really frivolous with many of the things we use. More often than not, we opt more for convenience than for protecting the environment. We place the things that entertain us and that make life easier on a higher pedestal than the things that are more sustainable and energy efficient. It doesn’t have to be a choice, however! It is possible to have the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, while still saving energy!

How, you ask?

Why Every Household Needs These Energy Star Products

By shopping at best by! Best Buy is committed to providing sustainable products. That’s why their Sound Bars and Dryers are not only cost effective, they’re ENERGY STAR®. It is all of our jobs to make sure we protect the environment, and Best Buy makes it super simple to do yours! In 2015 alone, Best Buy sold enough ENERGY STAR certified products to collectively save their customers $67,120,515! That’s enough energy to help power 70.358 households! The ENERGY STAR Certified Audio Equipment and Sound Bars sold by Best Buy in 2015 alone were enough to collectively help prevent the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 2,013 cars from the road for the entire year!!! How amazing is that???

Why Every Household Needs These Energy Star Products

ENERGY STAR Dryers at Best Buy use 20 percent less energy than conventional methods, but they don’t sacrifice the latest features and technologies to do so! In fact, they use those technologies to make them better. Examples include moisture sensors that detect when clothes are dry and automatically shut the dryer off, and steam cycles that save time on ironing clothes by preventing wrinkles!). More than 80 percent of American homes have a clothes dryer… imagine if they were all ENERGY STAR certified!

By bundling ENERGY STAR certified televisions and sound bars, you can maximize your energy savings even more! ENERGY STAR certified audio/video equipment is up to 50 percent more efficient than conventional models.

Why Every Household Needs These Energy Star Products

Not only does making a positive change that helps the environment not mean you have to sacrifice the amenities you love… it actually means you get to enjoy MORE time saving and convenient features… for less! Visit Best Buy to learn more about their ENERGY STAR Sound Bars and Dryers!

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******Rebates are often available from utilities for smart home products and appliances. Find rebates in your area for energy-saving products.


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