Easiest After School Snacks for Kids


*Post contributed by Jennifer W.

Your kids are obviously hungry when they return from school, so instead of serving them with frozen fish sticks or worse, nuggets from a McDonald’s drive through there are plenty of healthy and not to mention delicious after school snack ideas for your kids that will only take the most minimal effort to prepare. You don’t need to get some gourmet ingredients from Whole Foods, all you have to do is take a peek inside your pantry and there you’ll find the most basic ingredients in making the healthiest snack yet that is both nutritious and fun to eat.

bubble bath

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wheat bagel cream cheese

So after having a little alone time, it’s time to prepare some snacks for the kids. Some great after school snacks that can replenish your kids’ energies are wheat bagel with light cream cheese and fruit preserves, frozen fruit such as grapes and berries, hot cocoa with mini marshmallows, mini pizzas using toasted English muffins with some ready-made pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and salami, homemade trail mix, sliced veggies such as carrots, cucumber and zucchini with some ranch dip or hummus and energy bars such as Clif Z Bar.

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