Drop Soda Pop in the New Year with Maxwell Coffee


One of my new years resolutions is to reduce and eliminate the soda that my family drinks. To do this, I know that my house has to be set up for success.

Caffeine is a necessity, working late hours and getting up early with the kids, I would be falling asleep mid day if my day didn’t start with it.

Seriously, my addiction is so bad that I will actually pour myself a glass of soda to follow my breakfast meal.

Thankfully, coffee is an option! Pulling the tab on a can of soda pop is extremely easy and convenient, so the change over to coffee will have to be just as convenient. If it’s too much work, the natural instinct is to quit or give up.. am I right?

The new house rule?

Maxwell House Banner 1

Our favorite “good to the last drop” coffee is now available without ever leaving your home. All new Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups are easy to use and the perfect pick me up in the morning.

Now there are no excuses, delicious coffee is just one cup away.

The only driving involved is the drive to pick up your Maxwell House Café Collection Single Serve Cups. You can find these new single-serve cups at Walmart for an everyday low price!

Maxwell Coffee House Rules

What are your “House Rules”?

Maxwell House rules will help you get back to coffee basics. Visit see.walmart.com/maxwell-house to create your own house rule on the Maxwell House magnet board.

I created a new house rule, “Warm Coffee is Best with Family and Friends”. Who could argue that?

Head on over to Maxwell’s home on the Walmart.com website to create your “House Rules” and get featured in their gallery!

How do you like your coffee?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own


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