Does a Stay at Home Mom Need Life Insurance?


What is your worth as a stay at home mom?

I recently came across an article about why women need to purchase life insurance. It was staggering to read that 43% of working women do not have life insurance. While they didn’t give statistics, I can only imagine the rate of uninsured stay at home mothers.

Women bring a value into the home, working or not. Even if you are bringing in a small percentage of income, what would happen to your family if the inevitable should happen and all a sudden that income was not there?

Life insurance is a security net, and when purchased at a young age it can be very affordable to have. So why not have it? Why put that financial stress on your family to take care of your school loans, childcare, debt, etc. if you could no longer help to support your family?

I am a stay at home mother and while most would think that a stay at home mother doesn’t need Life Insurance, they are wrong. Every day I wake up to my children, take care of the house, their needs, and help to raise my children. While I may not be able to put a dollar amount on my services, my family would not be able to get the help needed should something happen to me and there was no Life Insurance to help.

Think about it…

As a stay at home mom, I’m saving my family $500 + a month in child care expenses, I’m cleaning the house, running the kids to their appointments and keeping the family afloat. If I did not have a Life Insurance policy and something happened, my husband would then have to come up with the extra income to pay for these services that I have been providing.

That in itself is invaluable.

The recommended Life Insurance policy is to be 7-10 times your annual income. So while I don’t need a Life Insurance Policy as large as my husbands, a smaller policy has been set up to help my family stay afloat in an emergency.

If you aren’t sure what kind of policy you would need, check out the Genworth Financial website for helpful information about different types of policies. Also, check with your friends to see if they can recommend an agent that you can talk to. Life Insurance is so affordable and even the smallest policy would help your family if needed.


*Disclosure | This post was brought to you by Genworth Financial. All thoughts are my own.


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