Baby Shower Gift Guide – Day 3 – Photograph Life’s Milestones with Sticky Bellies!


Throughout pregnancy and the first weeks of baby’s life you realize how quickly your little one actually grows! I was determined to keep a daily journal of my little one’s growth. Some place where I could jot down the cute little things they did, or the new milestones they’d reached. Then the journal turned to weekly… then bi-weekly…. Fast-forward to today and I have absolutely no clue where that journal is! I just didn’t have time. Being a new parent is time consuming, and in the few moments of spare time I got I spent it sneaking in a shower or occasionally even feeding myself! I snapped TONS of pictures, but a few months later I found my self trying to guess babies age in certain ones, and pin-point the exact time they were taken. And then….. I found Sticky Bellies. Wild_One_1_12_Product_Page__78653.1406511192.458.370 Sticky Bellies makes awesome stickers that highlight milestones/ages in your child’s life. We like the Wild Ones series, which provides stickers for every month from the moment your child is born until they are a year old. 

Check out all of the collections of Sticky Bellies here!


How do they work?

Simply choose the outfit you want your child to wear (plain white onesies look adorable for them) and stick the picture you are using on their shirt. Snap your photo. Wah-lah! Instant scrap book worthy photograph with your child’s age and their adorable portrait! Be sure to take one for each month of their life, with the corresponding picture attached to their onesies. Before you know it, you have your own tools for an awesome scrapbook or photo graph showing their progression over the months! And the best part? It only takes a few seconds from your daily routine to place the sticker and snap a shot! Get these on your baby registry, and be sure to place the first sticker (Newborn) in the hospital bag so that you can capture those first hospital shots! sticky-bellies-logo

Visit the Sticky Bellies website for more information and connect with them on Facebook!

Stay tuned for other essentials for your baby shower registry, along with a MEGA giveaway!

Disclosure – Product was received for purpose of this gift guide. All product is being donated to a mom to be. All thoughts are my own.


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