Do You Need a New Mattress?


Mattresses are one of those home products that many of us let fall by the wayside when moving, renovating, or just redecorating. They’re often “inherited” from one sibling to another within the household, and slept on for many years. Mattresses are a big, important purchase, but it’s also necessary to replace them every so often to ensure that we’re getting the best possible night’s sleep and not harming our backs, necks, and posture.

UntitledWe typically spend about one-third of our lives in bed, so it’s important that we update our mattresses as needed.  Some experts say they should be replaced around every 5-7 years, while others say every 8-10 years. Either way, changes in our bodies, such as pregnancies, surgeries, and more can affect our mattress’ condition. So if you find yourself wondering if a new mattress is in order, there’s a good chance that it is!

Mattress shopping can be fairly daunting, however; there are so many brands, styles, and sizes to choose from. Do you need a California king or will a queen-size do? Should you stick with a standard spring mattress, or does memory foam sound like a good fit? Pillow-top or feather-top? There’s a dizzying array of choices, but you can leave a lot of the guesswork out of it by shopping online. Retailers like ShopNBC, for example, sell a wide variety of mattresses complete with customer reviews and detailed product descriptions to aid in your decision. They also sell many trusted brands, such as popular Serta mattresses. Whatever brand or style you decide, it may be easier to find it online than in the store – and will certainly save you loads of time!


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