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Digital Parent was created with one goal: to enable more effective parenting. The site offers expert-based solutions to give you the knowledge and skills to create a high quality environment for your child’s development, to build confidence in your skills as a parent, and to maximize your family’s well-being and happiness.
Digital Parent leverages technology to deliver a personalized, convenient, and confidential experience for parents. The site’s content is expert-driven and unbiased, with no advertising or sponsorships.

How Does Digital Parent Work?

Digital Parent’s online solutions include e-learning modules, webinars, expert-led Q&A forums, and tools to track your child’s growth and development. Unlike many parenting websites, Digital Parent does not accept advertising or sponsorships, so they are able to offer completely unbiased and research-based parenting resources. All of the solutions are developed with support and collaboration of partner organizations widely recognized as leaders in the field of parent education, such as Parents Place and Symbio. A one-month free trial (no credit card required) is available with a low-subscription fee after the trial period is over.

Digital Parent Free Trial!

The free trial allows you to enjoy full access to Digital Parent for one month – no credit card required. During your free 30 day trial you will be able to view more information about upcoming webinars. After the free trial expires, you will have the option to choose a paid membership plan to continue to enjoy Digital Parent’s solutions.

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