Decorating and Painting Minion Pumpkins for Halloween


Halloween is among my favorites. I love the foods, the spooky crafts, and the activities. Last year, I got a Minion Pumpkin Decorating idea from Pinterest and my son saw the picture over my shoulder.

“What’s that mama?!”

“Don’t they look like Minions? They’re pumpkins! Would you want to do that?”

Minion Pumpkin Decorating

Being that Minions are still very much popular, we ventured to the store for some minion colored acrylic paint, some canning lids, and hot glue. The next day we picked out our pumpkins to transform and when we got home we spread out some old newspaper on the kitchen table and got to work.

It actually took us 2 days to complete because each of the two coats of paint had to dry. Throw in other things like meals and cleaning and sleep and we were finally able to get the finishing touches on. “B” painted his own minion pumpkin, and his daddy did the hot gluing.

Minion Pumpkin Decorating

Minion Pumpkin Decorating

So far the hot glue has kept the canning lids on the pumpkins through some pretty big temperature changes but it’s only been a few days.

What does your Halloween pumpkin look like this year?


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