Declutter Your Makeup Bag | Quick And Easy


Look into the makeup bag of some good-looking people, and you will soon see that the inside of the bag is not as pretty. Do not be one of them. Declutter your makeup bag with just the bare minimum. Empty tubes, dried lipstick, and old eyeshadows can result in the bag looking ugly. 

Wear permanent eyelashes 

Declutter your makeup bag by tossing out the daily wear eyelashes. Instead, wear long-lasting lashes that can last you at least a month. They are also called semi-permanent eyelashes that are designed to be fixed to your natural lashes. To clean semi-permanent lashes, use a lash shampoo and conditioner. 

It is rather important to wipe out and clean off your makeup using an oil-free cleanser before you clean your eyelashes. Then proceed to wash your eyelash extensions by applying a tiny portion of the eyelash shampoo. Your best bet is to use the tear-free Lilac St., Alison or Lash BLVD product because it will never sting even when it gets into your eyes. 

Do not hoard 

Free samples are the biggest culprit that clutters the makeup bag. We gather product samples from hotels and retail stores but never use them or get rid of them. As a result, they remain in the makeup kit for a long time collecting dust, mite, and germs. Besides, it takes up so much space in the bag. 

Get rid of free product samples. It is as simple as that. If you have not used them for at least a month, you will probably never use them. If you still want to hoard them because you believe that you might use them later, then hoard them in a separate bag. That way, you can declutter your kit and still put the free samples to use at a later stage. 

Throw expired items 

Most makeup items have expiry dates, and their lifespan is way shorter than you think. As a rule of thumb, throw out any opened liquid products after a year. Old makeup harbors germs. Dry makeup such as mascara and lipstick cannot be used by anybody because they are not hygienic. So, ditch them to declutter your makeup bag. 

Regardless of expiry dates, if you start to notice that an item has a weird consistency or an off smell, you need to discard them. Not only can it clutter your bag if you hoard them, but it also damages and reacts with your skin when you use it. After all, your skin is much more important than saving that money. 

Sell unopened products 

Unopened products that look pristine and untouched can be sold online under unwanted gift items if they are within their shelf life. Make sure to list the product’s brand, condition, size, and any other details that you think the buyer may find helpful. Giving all the product information can also be a great selling point. 

If you do not already have an account in these online retail stores, you might have to register and open an account. It is a very simple process. At the end of it, you would be required to fill in your payment details where you would like to receive the payments. 

No-buy challenge 

To help you with decluttering your makeup bag, challenge yourself to not buy any makeup items for a set time, which is called a no-buy challenge. If you set yourself not to buy grooming products for a targeted period, you need to stick with it. If you do, you will not only declutter your makeup bag but also feel very virtuous. 

With a no-buy challenge, you aim to declutter your makeup bag to the bare minimum. However, the period chosen should not be too long or too short. Spend some time thinking about what would be the most realistic and reasonable time frame. 

Multi-use products 

An excellent way to declutter your makeup bag and pare it down is by focusing on products that multitask. For example, opt for a single product that comes with both foundation and powder in a compact case rather than buying them separately. Another great idea is to get rid of blush and use your lipstick as a blush as well. 


Rummaging through a pile of garbage in your makeup bag to get your makeup item is not fun and makes you look crude. For a more sophisticated and classier look, just have the bare minimum items. You will have a clean makeup bag and will save money in the long run.