Creating Customized T-Shirts and Apparel for 5k Races



Since my knee injury this summer, I’ve been counting down the time to get back into an active lifestyle. I’ve been spending countless hours at the gym with a personal trainer, gaining strength and endurance. Now that I’m almost fully recovered, my friends and I were excited to sign up for the Santa 5k run/walk.

One of the best parts of a themed 5k is the option to dress up your team. We love to make things like custom t-shirts and tutus.

For the Santa 5k run/walk, we created a team and named it the Reindeer Games Committee. Each runner/walker will have a reindeer name on their shirt, I chose to be Vixen. Clever huh?

Creating Customized T-Shirts and Apparel for 5k Races

For the Santa 5k race, we turned to MyLocker for help in making our team shirts. MyLocker is a website that lets you design your own custom t-shirt, custom hoodie, golf polo, fleece, bag or almost any type of custom gear in a quick, fun and easy way.  

The order process was easy to, starting with your selection of t-shirt color and type of activity that you are designing a shirt for. 

Creating Customized T-Shirts and Apparel for 5k Races

There are multitudes of design ideas to choose from, which can be customized further with the writing that you would like on your t-shirt. I found the entire process easy to do and only incurred one problem along the way.

If you haven’t noticed, my shirt indicates that it is 2015. It seems that all of the shirts automatically populated the year of 2015. This is a customizable field and it was my overlook during the order process.

Thankfully, the MyLocker customer service was above the bar and helped me re-order the shirts with the correct year. We should be getting them this week!

Creating Customized T-Shirts and Apparel for 5k Races

While we aren’t in a hurry to get them in the mail, I was so glad to see that most of MyLocker’s products ship within two days. There are many events and occasions when fast shipping would be super helpful. 

I also like that there is no minimum number of products you have to order, which makes it easy to create completely personalized gear for yourself, your school team, local or charitable organization, for an event or as a gift. While a bulk order is helpful for a big team, sometimes I only need 1-2 shirts. 

We try to do a 5k walk/run at least once a month and love that we can make more of these fun shirts from MyLocker.

Check out MyLocker and create custom apparel for your next event! &



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