Creative Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School



My babies are finishing up their first year of school and I thought, What can creative things can I do to document their last day of school?

My baby girl just finished her last day of school yesterday, so we went outside and took some pictures to compare to the first day. I love seeing how much they change in a year! Her face has thinned out, her legs and her hair has gotten so long.

So, what other things can we do to celebrate the last day of school? Check out these ideas that I’ve collected and feel free to add some of your own in the comments:

Creative Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

  • Road Trip! My boy’s last day of school is coming up and I planned to surprise him at school and whisk him off for a fun mini road trip. Bags will be packed in the car and we won’t tell him where we are going. I love surprises!
  • Summer Book Charts are fun to make and fun for the kids. Create goals of how much your kids will read this Summer, buy stickers and put them on the board for meeting daily or weekly goals. At the end of each month, celebrate with a fun popsicle party with friends!
  • Balloon Fights! While your kids are at school, set up the driveway with a bunch of water balloons. When your kids get off the bus, prepare them with a balloon and celebrate with all of their friends!
  • Make T Shirts The night before their last day of school, make t shirts with your kids and let them wear it to school for all of their friends to sign.
  • Book Signing Tradition purchase the Dr. Seuss book ” Oh, the places you will go” and have your child’s teacher sign the book. Each year, each teacher will sign the book and you can give it to your child on their high school graduation day!
  • Bouquet of Balloons Greet all of the kids at your bus stop when they get home from school and give them each a balloon! Balloons make every happy :)
  • Popsicle Party My favorite Summer time activity is having Popsicle parties! They are the perfect way to gather friends and neighbors from your street. Celebrate with Summer’s iconic Popsicle.



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  • May 29, 2014 at 1:14 pm
    Great ideas! I love the road trip, and the water balloon idea! My daughter's last day of school is tomorrow....I may do the t-shirt idea! Reply

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