Creating a Safe Nursery with the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor


During the months of June and September, the focus is on Home Safety and Baby Safety. When baby “M” turned 6 months old we decided it was time to move her into a bedroom of her own. This sort of freedom brought on new questions about safety concerns. The VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor was sent to us for review (all thoughts 100% my own) so we could show you how it could address many of these concerns.

VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

When baby “M” was sleeping in my room, I could easily see and hear her. Putting a wall and a closed door between us quickly changed everything, a video monitor grew to the top of my must-have list.

I love the VTech Safe & Sound Monitor’s crisp, large screen that includes the ability to zoom in on her crib. This is so handy when I need a closer look of the baby without wanting to walk in and disturb her. The sensitivity for sound can be adjusted, which is great because our other child isn’t always so quiet when his sister is napping. However, at night, I can increase the sensitivity to hear even the little noises when I’m sleeping.

Summer time can be quite warm here (yes it gets hot in Maine!), with an upstairs bedroom, and only a window unit for A/C, I worry about the temperature of the room while she’s sleeping. I have read that SIDS could possibly be linked to a sleeping environment that is too warm. Wanting to keep my children as safe as can be, the thermometer built in to the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor has given me a new peace of mind. While using the parent unit, I can continuously see the current temperature of her room and even set an alarm to tell me if it’s too hot or too cold.

VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

The only 2 things that I really feel the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor is lacking, the ability to broadcast through WI-FI so I can view from my phone or computer, and a belt clip, so I can carry the parent unit hands-free.

The range capability of the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor is exceptional, with good coverage of up to 1,000 feet! I have taken our other child outside in the yard while baby “M” napped and could see/hear what was going on in her room.

As a temporary fail-safe the camera holds 4 AA batteries in case of power outage. This can be huge if the lights and heat go out in a storm. With the VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor or I can breathe a bit easier knowing I can keep an eye on my daughter so well without being in her room.

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