Take Better Pictures with a Lightscoop Camera Flash Accessory


Lightscoop Camera Accessory

How would you like to take beautiful pictures of your kids and pets?

Taking pictures with the flash on often causes problems like washed out faces, shadows in the background, underexposed colors and a picture that could have been perfect but was ruined by red eyes.

Lightscoop Camera Accessory


Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop is an affordable low tech tool that helps fill the room with light, creating soft, natural looking pictures.

How Does It Work?

Lightscoop Camera Accessory

The Lightscoop is a very light piece of equipment that slips over your SLR camera’s popup flash and slides into the hot shoe.

When you take a picture and the flash goes off, the Lightscoop bounces the flash off of your walls and ceilings to create a look of professional quality light.

Installing the Lightscoop was very easy to do, after sliding it onto the hot shoe I simply followed the recommended settings from the Lightscoop website. I own a Nikon D5100 camera and use a 50mm f/1.8 lens so the recommended settings had me place the camera on manual, turn the ISO to 800, set the aperture to f4.0, flash exposure to +1 and the shutter speed to 1/200th.

My Take On the Lightscoop

I’m very new at using a SLR camera, however the Lightscoop was very easy to setup and use. It took some adjusting in my home to figure out what positions would give me the best picture.

For example, the Lightscoop is recommended to be used with ceilings no taller than 8-12 feet, my living room and kitchen ceilings both have VERY high, vaulted ceilings. To use the Lightscoop in these two rooms I have learned to position my camera vertically so that the light can then bounce off of my light colored walls.

This is a picture of my dog taken in our living room, the room with very high ceilings. I stood next to a wall and turned the camera vertically with both shots, the only light on in the room was a standup light. You can see in the left sided picture Roxy’s eyes were green and her fur was washed out. The right sided picture looks very natural, editing was not done to either picture.

Lightscoop Camera Accessory

I also used the Lightscoop in our bathroom, because of the smaller room I was able to take perfect pictures in both a horizontal and vertical position. In past experiences, taking pictures in the bathtub would always create horrible shadows. This picture was taken with the Lightscoop and using the same recommended settings I mentioned above.

Lightscoop Camera Accessory

And last but not least.. the nursery is a small small room that does not allow for pretty pictures.. like ever!

I did two tests in the nursery and was pleasantly pleased with both results.

This first picture was taken in a pitch black room, seriously I snuck in at 11pm last night and couldn’t not see a thing. Standing over her crib I pushed the button down half way to focus (this is the ONLY way I could see where she was laying) and I snapped the picture. My baby did not wake up from the flash and her picture turned out perfectly, you can see everything from the curls on her head to the veins on her temples!

Lightscoop Camera Accessory

It’s hard to pick favorite pictures of your little ones, but this has to be one of my favorites from this review. Standing in her crib, the Lightscoop FILLED the room with light and brought out the natural beauty of my daughter. Not a single shadow in this picture!

Lightscoop Camera Accessory

So overall I am VERY pleased with the Lightscoop. Almost 99% of my pictures turned out this perfect, a few went wacky probably from the high ceilings or where I was positioned to the wall.

The cost is very affordable at $29.95 and for pictures that look this great I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase.


Lightscoop can be purchase for $29.95. Receive a 15% off discount through January 31st

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