We Are Designing a Nursery!


Planning a nursery for your new baby is an exciting and challenging task. There are so many colors and shades and themes to choose from! Fisher Price has teamed up with Sherwin Williams to bring you the Room to Bloom online nursery design tool. I’m so thrilled to play around with the Design Tool to brainstorm ideas for our little one’s room!

Right now the room is kind of a mess and not at all what I wanted for my bab(ies) room to be. Before B arrived I pictured a bright colorful room with colors that were easy on the eyes. We only ended up finishing half the room and with another baby on the way I feel like it’s time for a do-over.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Fisher Price Room to Bloom Nursery Design Tool, as well as showing you our before, during, and after photos of the nursery while we give the room a make-over using the design we come up with from the Room to Bloom Tool.

Here are a few shots of the room as it is. These are the “Before” photos, if you will.




If you are planning your nursery, hop over to the Room to Bloom Nursery Tool to start designing your room, too!


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