And We Reached the Double Digits… Planning for The Future


This week, my little boy is turning 10. The double digits, something about that brings a huge wind of emotions. In less than 10 years, this same child will be going off to college! He’s got 2 years left in elementary, 2 at middle and 4 in high school. That’s it. I will be honest, it’s hard to not freak out.

And We Reached the Double Digits... Planning for The Future

From birth, I’ve thought about his future and about all of the things that he will need growing up. We stressed about diapers, all the clothes, baby products. Then came school and sports. We are paying for enrollment fees, clothing, sports fees, and all of the nickel and diming. 10 years later I’m really starting to see many of those things add up. The biggest one coming up? His college education that is right around the corner.

The rising cost of college is a stress on my mind and I know that if plans aren’t made when he is little, college will be a huge stress on him as an adult. Paying back student loans is no fun and it comes with a lot of sacrifices along the way.

And We Reached the Double Digits... Planning for The Future

In the last 10 years of paying back our student loans, my family has had to sacrifice. Some of those things included going on vacation, pampering ourselves, buying new clothes, cutting back our social life and many other things that we enjoy.

Life is overwhelming, from saving for house expenses, to paying for children’s activities, shopping for clothing and all of the little things that come in between those moments. It’s easy to push things like college off to the side when it’s not an immediate issue. 

And We Reached the Double Digits... Planning for The Future

Planning for education is important though. As parents, we want to help our children grow up with the tools they need to succeed. Sending them off into their adult lives with a ton of student loan is something that doesn’t have to happen.

If you are overwhelmed like me, Companies like Country Financial make planning for their future simple. Their 529 plan not only allows parents to save; grandparents, corporations, friends, and tax-exempt organizations can all make contributions to your child’s 529 plan. 

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Disclosure – This post was sponsored by Country Financial. All thoughts are my own.


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