5 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean Longer


It’s important to keep a clean house at any time during the year, but it seems even more important as the weather cools down. The days of airing out the house by opening all the windows and letting in a nice breeze are coming to an end, and instead you’ve entered the dimension of stuffy noses, closed in spaces, and lots of germs. Don’t be alarmed, however! Despite the busyness that often comes with this time of year, it is quite possible to maintain a clean house… with minimal effort! Here are some tips to help you succeed.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean Longer

Make Cleaning Supply Hubs

Designate several locations in your home to keep your cleaning supplies, and keep them well stocked. This will make it easy to wipe of counters and do other quick spot cleaning task when necessary.


Every morning, start a load of laundry. If you keep this up every day you will quickly minimize the amount of laundry that piles up.

Minimize Dirt

Keep mats by all doors entryways in our home, and leave shoes at the door. This will help to keep the outside dirt and leaves away from your door.

Robot Vacuum

Tired of the monotonous task of vacuuming? Consider investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner! This will save you tons of time by simply scheduling them for specific days and times. That will make one less chore you have to worry about (and likely help get the job accomplished more frequently too!).

Keep Toilets Clean Longer

Toilet cleaning is probably one of my least favorite task. Luckily 2000 Flushes helps to keep the toilet long for longer periods. I love that it kills 99.9% of bacteria, flush after flush. It’s also made with a unique formula that cleans and deodorizes every time the toilet is flushed. Not only does this keep your toilet fresh and clean, it also makes scrubbing a whole lot easier! Since 2000 Flushes continuously cleans toilet bowls for up to four months, you don’t have to worry about replacing it very often.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean Longer

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Despite seeming like simple and easy tricks, you’ll be amazed how much doing these things will help keep the levels of cleanliness in your house up, and the level of stress down!

Have any tips or tricks for keeping your home clean? Drop a comment below!

This post is sponsored by 2000 Flushes. All thoughts are my own.