Christmas Shopping for Your Toddler


christmas tree

What do you buy a Toddler for Christmas?

Andrea just turned two and I’ve been on a mission to find her Christmas gifts that aren’t annoying, take batteries, will encourage learning, and will be used more than once.

Those things are a problem with just about every toy out there. Am I right?

It’s a hard thing to do, batteries are everywhere! This year I wanted to shop differently. Here are some fun options that I found with inspiration from

– Trampolines: Cold weather is coming and being stuck indoors drives them batty.If you have the room for an indoor trampoline, this would be a great option to burn winter time energy, work on coordination, and gain a little bit of exercise.

– Playhouses: Indoor or Outdoor, playhouses are a great way to spark imagination, creativity, and bust boredom. If you don’t have a lot of room indoors, there are always options for popup playhouses.

– Easels: Let creativity flow! Easels come in standing and tabletop options, and these are great with their space saving designs.  Easels give children a place of their own to create their next big project, help you scribble down groceries, paint a portrait of your dog, and more.

– Kitchens and Dress Up Clothes:  My kiddos are all about role playing and would love either of these options. This would be a great gift that would last for years and years! Role playing isn’t something that stops with toddlerhood.

– Books & Puzzles: These are great for all ages!

Many of these things have made it to our Christmas list and I hope that my list was some help with ideas for your little ones this Christmas.

What kind of toys have made the top of your shopping list this year?


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